Note from the Editor

Hey there folks.  Welcome to Birds Too Tired To Fly, an online magazine about Toronto, and the artists that make it a great city.  Now, I realize this is a technically a blog, not an online magazine... but I hate the word blog.  There has been at least one person point out that "if you don't like the word Blog, why host it on Blogspot?"....  That person is a jerk.  

So what can you expect here at BTTTF?  I plan on posting various monthly segments focusing on Toronto and the arts.  Some segments I have in mind include:

Polling the Artists- This will appear later today.  It's a pretty simple concept.  I ask a bunch of     artist, in different fields, the same question, giving them a couple paragraphs to explain.  I was very surprised by some of the answers I got.

This week in Toronto-  Also to be appearing today.  Every thursday I plan on giving you the         goods on the arts that week in toronto, my focus will usually be on Music and film, so anyone with suggestions in other fields can feel free to comment.

Artist Profile-  Will involve an interview and some info on my favourite artists.  I'll be starting next week with one of my favourite musicians, Alexandra (Olenka) Krakus.

Places in Toronto-  My most ambitious endeavor...  I'll pick a place in Toronto each month to do a focus on, with help from my friends.  Some places on my wishlist include, Lower Bay Station, and the abandoned floor at the Kings Arms (but they may pose some problems... ie. being arrested).

Anyways, those are some things to expect.   So, please keep coming back, and checking in.  Send me some comments as well, with any suggestions you may have.  Cheers. 


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