This Week In Toronto (May 8-14)

Good morning sunshines.  Welcome to the second installment of 'this week in Toronto', where I, (in my smug assumption that my opinion really matters) tell you what I think the best bets are for music and the arts in Toronto.  This is a pretty big week for music.  As usual, I mostly deal in the music and movie trade, so if anyone out there knows of something spectacular going on in the arts this week, feel free to comment.  (edit: special thanks to Jessica Rae Gordon for telling me about the two visual art shows on the 8th and 9th -11th).

Totally unrelated I found this fantastic press conference video of Tom Waits.  


-Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall (178 Victoria) 45-75$  
The man.  Gordon Lightfoot.  Fellow Orillian.  He's still writing intelligent folk songs, and I can't imagine he has long is this world, so check him out.

- Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten playing at the Revue  7pm.  
The doc on Joe Strummer (from the clash, don't ya know) that I recommended last week.  Here's your second chance. 

- (edit) "OH NO" Figure Release and Signing by Gary Taxali at Magic Pony.  
This was brought to my attention by Jessica Rae Gordon (a brilliant illustrator in her own right).  she says "Gary Taxali is a well known and influential illustrator in Toronto.  He's getting into Merchandise these days".   Gary Taxali IS fantastic.   So fantastic, one of his illustrations is at the top of this post.  His work is immediately recognizable, he did a fab cover for NOW this year, and has illustrated Amie Mann's new album.


- Zakir Hussain and the Masters of Percussion at Roy Thomson Hall (60 Simcoe) 49.50-69.50$
I had the chance to see Zakir play with John McLaughlin on the Shakti tour.  It was amazing.  Jaw dropping even.  This man is a serious tabla player.   Do yourself a favor and watch the clip linked to his name.  (than watch the Shakti clip).

- Peter Elkas Band  at Rivoli. 
 you know who I hate?  jack Johnson.  really.  Hate him.  But you know who does that kinda lazy, beach frat boy rock 100 times better? Peter Elkas.  Just sayin. 

- (Edit) OCAD graduate Exhibition at OCAD main building (100 McCaul) MAY 9 TO 11.  
Again, brought to my attention by JRG.  She says "I'll bet there will be a whole lot of interesting new art and ideas on display".  


- Michael White and the White (Led Zeppelin Tribute) at Healey's.  
If you don't mind tribute acts, this is on to check out.  Michael White has been doing this a long time, and is the only local Zep tribute act endorsed by Led Zeppelin... true story. 

- Running with the kittens at Kathedral.  
I think some of these guys are from Orillia.  I can't really describe them.... maybe this video will help.

- Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few at Rancho Relaxo.  
I have no idea who the Patriotic few are, but Mark Berube is always worth the price of admission.  His band the Fugitives changed my life one night.  And his solo work is 
beautiful.  All the way from BC.

- The Princess Bride playing at the Fox Theatre, 2pm.  
Who doesn't love this movie?  What heartless, soulless SOB would hate this film!?!  Probably a communist.   and it's on at 2 pm.  hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father, prepare to die.


- Clinic at Lee's Palace.  
I can't believe I almost missed this one!!  Clinic will rock your fucking pants off.   British post punk in surgical garb.  Saw them once a few years ago, and I'm still missing my pants.  

- Brandi Disterheft and Sly Juhas at Chalkers.  
jazz, from Two of Toronto's best.  Brandi on Bass and Sly on Drums.  I think there are more people on the bill, but these two are what you want... ney, what you need. 

- Nathan Hiltz Organ Trio at Joe Mama's.  
more jazz.  guitar player with an organ trio... that sounds fantastic.  And Nathan is a killer guitarist.  oh, the trio usually consists of Sly Juhas and Bernie Senensky.  Not bad.  

- Mystery Train playing at the Revue Cinema, 4pm. 
 I've been watching a lot of Jim Jarmusch films lately, but have yet to see Mystery Train.  Now's my chance!  For fans of anything Jarmusch, Broken Flowers, Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Coffee and Cigarettes.


- Run With The Kittens at Cameron.  
two chances to check these crazy bastards out.


-Valery Gore at Yonge and Dundas Sq, 12:30pm free!!  
Valery Gore is one of the few people I went to college with, whos career I still follow.  She's a great songwri
ter, and has a stellar band.  If you like artists like Bjork, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, etc. than this is the show for you... and it's free... and what else do you have planned for 12:30 pm wed night?   


jessica said...

I know two interesting visual art things going on.

"OH NO! Figure Release & Signing with Gary Taxali" at Magic Pony tonight (May 8th)
Gary Taxali is a well known and influential illustrator in Toronto. He's getting into merchandising these days.

"OCAD's 93rd Annual Graduate Exhibition" is on this weekend (May 9-11)
I bet there'll be lots of interesting new art and ideas on display.

Shawn William Clarke said...

cool, thanks Jess. I'll put those up right.... now.

Lesley Denford said...

Oh, the OCAD show will be great! I almost forgot about that. Perhaps it's worth a venture to check it out tomorrow night! :)

Jeff Woodman said...

You said Gordon Lightfoot's going to die soon, you callous bastard! Just because he looks like Methuselah's granddaddy at this point doesn't mean he couldn't have months and months of life left!

Shawn William Clarke said...

OK OK!! Gordon Lightfoot will probably outlive me.