Lists: Top 100 films of the last 25 years (part 2)

Ok, so here we have part 2 of the best 100 films of the last 25 years.  This is all in response to a list I found on the internet (This link).  This part of the list focus on the years of 1994 to 2007.  Tomorrow's list will be my personal top 10 movies of the last 25 years.  To see the best film from 1983 to 1993, scroll down to the post below.  Feel free to leave your comments (likes, dislikes, etc...) in the comments section below.  

Ed Wood  (Tim Burton)
Leon the Professional  (Luc Besson)

The Usual Suspects  (Brian Singer)
Seven   (David Fincher)
Casino  (Martin Scorsese)

Fargo (Joel and Ethan Cohen)
Swingers  (Jon Favreau)
Hardcore Logo  (Bruce McDonald)

Waiting for Guffman  (Christopher Guest)
Chasing Amy  (Kevin Smith)
The Ice Storm  (Ang Lee)
Boogie Nights  (Paul Thomas Anderson)

The Thin Red Line  (Terrance Malick)
Last Night  (Don McKeller)
Dark City  (Alex Proyas)
Rushmore  (Wes Anderson)
The Big Lebowski  (Joel and Ethan Cohen)

Eyes Wide Shut  (Stanley Kubrick)
The Blair Witch Project  (Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez)
Bringing Out The Dead  (Martin Scorsese)
Office Space  (Mike Judge)
Being John Malkovich  (Spike Jonze)
Magnolia  (Paul Thomas Anderson)
Fight Club  (David Fintcher)
Audition  (Takashi Miike)

Traffic  (Steven Soderbergh)
In The Mood For Love  (Kar Wai Wong)
Requiem for a Dream  (Darren Aronofsky)

Waking Life  (Richard Linklater)
Spirited Away  (Hayao Miyazaki)
Gosford Park  (Robert Altman)
Amelie from Montmartre  (Jean-Peirre Juenet)
The Devils Backbone  (Guillermo Del Toro)

City of God  (Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund)
Punch Drunk Love  (Paul Thomas Anderson)
The Pianist  (Roman Polanski)

Mystic River  (Clint Eastwood)
Finding Nemo  (Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich)
Lost in Translation  (Sophia Coppola)
Old Boy  (Chan-Wook Park)

Kill Bill Vol 2 (Quentin Tarantino)
The Incredibles  (Brad Bird)
Team America World Police  (Trey Parker)

Match Point  (Woody Allen)
Batman Begins  (Christopher Nolan)

Brick  (Rian Johnson)
Pan's Labyrinth  (Guillermo Del Toro)

Hot Fuzz  (Edger Wright)
There Will Be Blood  (Paul Thomas Anderson)


1minutefilmreview said...

Nice selection of films!

Shawn William Clarke said...

Hey thanks alot! I'm gonna put my top 10 up tomorrow.

Shubhajit said...

Thanks for the great list. The best thing about "Greatest" lists, apart from starting a healthy debate and discussion, also introduces movies lovers (including yours truly) to good films which otherwise might have remained unseen.

How about a Greatest Ever list?

Shawn William Clarke said...

Ah man, that's a good challenge. There would definitely be more Foreign films in that list. Much more Kurosawa, Fellini, Bergman, Leone, etc... That'll take some time to figure out!