This Week In Toronto (June 19-25) *EDIT*

Happy Pride week!!  So, we've got some good thinks happening this weekend, pride, and the TD jazz fest has some pretty cool performers.  Soooooo lets hop to it.  Blah blah blah click links for info, blah blah blah add events in comments section blah.

EDIT:  Barzin is playing on Wednesday, check out the info below.


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Nick Zubeck at Tranzac (292 Brunswick)
I say a lot of nice things about Olenka, and it's not just because I play in her band.  She's a very gifted singer and song writer, who is developing a very unique and engaging sound.  Also on the bill tonight is the great Nick Zubeck.  I've had the opportunity to see Nick play on a few occasions and he's never disappointed.  Not sure what kinda band he'll have, but you can expect some great looping guitar work, and interesting melodies. 

Pat Labarbara Quartet at The Rex (194 Queen W) 9:30
Pat has been mentioned her on BtTtF before, Alexis Marsh raved about him in this months polling the artist.  He's probably the best Tenor saxophone player, playing in Canada today.  He's once told me about his audition for the Buddy Rich band.  He got on a plane, took a cab to the venue, got on stage, the charts were put in front of him, and he played.  If he fucked up he'd of been out.  He didn't.  

Al Green at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (1 Front E) $32.50- 82.50
I wouldn't be upset if you went and saw this instead of coming to see me play with Olenka at Tranzac.  This is Al Green.  Man, I wish I could go!!!  Damn.  His new album is sooooo good.  Ah, man. damn.

Alistair Christl & the Swinging Chandeliers, The Chameleon Project at Bandshell Park Exhibition Place/ CNE Grounds 3pm Free.
Cool double bill!!  Rock-a-billy and Jazz/house.  Alistair I've mentioned before, he oozes Rock-a-billy cool.  And the Chameleon project of fantastic.  I used to play with them back in the day, and the drummer, Tyrone Cassie, is my go-to guy for Dexter Parks.  

Enter the Dragon playing at Fox Theatre (2236 Queen E) 9pm
Bruce Lee.  Bruce Lee?  Bruce Lee!  yeah man, Bruce Lee.  

Ode to EDO: Art of Samurai at SMASH (2880 Dundas W) June 19th to June 26th
This looks pretty cool.  It's an exhibit focusing on Samurai inspired art!  Features 20 contemporary artists, and 14 samurai armor sets.  Thanks to Jessica Rae Gordon for the tip!


Maceo Parker at Sound Academy (11 Polson) $25
Speaking of Go-to Guys, here we have James Brown's legendary alto player Maceo Parker.  So cool.  Go to this on friday, then on Saturday, you can tell everyone about it, and they'll be all like "man, you saw Maceo?!  You're one hip cat!".  True story.

Creaking Tree String Quartet at Hugh's Room (2261 Dundas W) $16
I can't say enough good things about these guys.  If you can't get into see Maceo, and want something a little more pretty, and bluegrassy head over to Hugh's Room.  Check out their Myspace page at least, but take note, these guys are even better live.

The Lost Weekend playing at Cinematheque Ontario (317 Dundas W) 7pm
One of the only Billy Wilder films I haven't seen.  But I've never seen one I didn't like.  The Lost Weekend Chronicles the four day binge of a chronic alcoholic.  For 1945, this is apparently a very frank and realistic look at Alcoholism.  Let me know how it is.


This is probably the coolest thing going on this weekend.  It's an all night Grindhouse experience.  6 horror, expoitation, sexploitation flims playing until Sunday morning (just in time for church?).  The films are: The Black Six (1974), Tintorera (1977), The Boogeyman (1980), Danish Pastries (1972), Naughty New Orleans (1954) and Peter Jackson's cult hit Dead ALive (1992).  


Eric Chenaux at Tranzac
I just got into this guy.  Barzin mentioned him in his Polling the artist answer.  He used to be in Crash Vegas (anybody?), but now he's playing this fantastic experimental pop.  Beautiful melodies, with Vague meandering guitars, very pretty, yet challenging stuff. 


2001: A Space Odyssey playing at Fox Theatre 6:45
Stanley Kubrick's (Ague ably) best film.  Hal is one of the creepiest villains ever put to screen, if you haven't seen it, the big screen is the place to see it.  Kubricks vast landscapes and sets put most of todays CGI extravaganza's to shame.


EDIT: Barzin at Tranzac
I was playing with Olenka last night, and Barzin was there to see the show.  He informed me about his gig today (wed june25).  He starts at 10,  I'm pretty sure I'll be there, so come out and have a drink with me!

Seamus Blake at Rex Hotel 
When I was in college all the hip jazzers would talk about this guy from Vancouver named Seamus Blake.  How he's one of Canada's best young sax players.  And it turns out the jazzers were right.  I hate when the jazzers are right.  None the less, Seamus WILL put on a great show, so if you're not doing anything on Wed night, and you're in the mood for some hot jazz, check this out.

The Maltese Falcon playing at Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor W) 7pm
This is one of the greatest film noir's ever made.  And definately a great introduction if you're not familiar with the genre.  Humphrey Bogart is iconic Private Dick Sam Spade, investigating the murder of his partner, and it's links to a mysterious statue.  Peter Lorre is in it.  And if you didn't know by now, I love Peter Lorre.  He's one of the greatest character actors of all time (and the main influence on the character Ren from Ren and Stimpy).  

Talk at ya later.  Enjoy the pride parade, and the all weekend Pride Party that happens around the Church st. area.  It's easily the best party of the year.  I'll be back soon, with an interview, and another entry in the great albums series.  Peace.


Alexis Marsh said...

Mini review of LaBarb at the Rex: fantastic. Pat was joined by his brother Joe LaBarbara from LA (most melodic drumming I've ever heard outside of New Orleans players). As ever, LaBarb's rep consisted of standards that remind you of how good they can be as well as his and his brother's originals using the chord changes to timeless tunes. The highlight for me would be the bass playing of Neil Swainson. It's difficult to say which part of his playing stood out: his warm, big sound, swinging quarter notes, or the melodic solos usually reserved for horn players, that he pulls off beautifully. The only drag of the night was sitting in front of two assholes who mistook the bass solos for inappropriate chat time.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thank you for your comment Alexis. I hope the two douche hammers in front of you got their come-upance.