This Week In Toronto (June 5-11)

Ok, so this is shaping up to be the best weekend in the history of BtTtF... and I'll be up north missing every little detail.  Oh, well, cottage life won't be all bad.  Anyways, try to get out to some of these things, and feel free to gloat in the comments section.  As usual, wanna find out more? click the links (I spend a lot of time on them, so do it for me, k?).  Also, if you know of something I didn't mention, comment in.... the comments section.  Here we go.


Jamie Lidell at Opera House
Alot of people are LOVING this guy right now.  I'm sceptical.  But apperently he puts on a great, high energy show.  

Tromeo and Juliet playing at Bloor Cinema 7pm $18
This movie is horrible.  Laughable bad.  But what else do you expect from Troma Video?  This is part of a double feature being put on by Morbid Outlook Magazine.  The other movie is something called "The Undertaker and his Pals".  Some campy horror movie from the 60's.  Should be fun though.  Oh, and there's a penis monster, so...

Bullit and the Wild Bunch playing at Revue Cinema  6:45 and 9pm
Great double feature.  Talked about it a bit last week.  Steve McQueen is a real man.  The End.  


Leonard Cohen at Sony Centre for the performing arts  $72.50- $250 june 6-9
Ok, I love leonard Cohen as much as the next guy, but $72.50 to $250?!?!  Who do these people think they are?  No one truly wants to see Cohen circa 2008, they wanna see Cohen circa 1968.  Anyways, damn.  Check out this killer video I found of him playing with Sonny Rollins though, Who By Fire

Martha Wainwright at Mod Club Theatre $20.
Now this is worth the price of admission.  Martha Wainwright is just as good (if not better) than anyone in her very musical family ( bro Rufus Wainwright, dad Loudon Wainwright III, mom Kate McGarrigle).  I saw her a few years ago at the Mod Club, and it was a beautiful performance, I'm man enough to say a touch weepy during a few songs. 

Pretty cool local Afro-beat band.  Toronto has a surprisingly good Afro-beat scene, and these guys are one of the best.  Afro-beat... that's a great genre.


Death Cab for Cutie and Stars at Olympic Island Music fest $49.50 plus $6 ferry ride
This is a pretty good bill for an all day event.  Stars put on a good show, as do Death Cab.  Could be as big an event as the great Broken Social Scene led event a few years back.

Morris Day and the Time!!! at  Nathan Philips Square 1pm Free!! 
Exclamations were added by the editor.  Sweet Jesus!  The original line up of Morris Day and the Time!! Including Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!  Ok, so if you don't know who this band is, that's cool,  nobodies perfect.  But PLEASE PLEASE check this out.  It's free, what do you have to loose?  This is Prince's old backing band, you might recognize them from a little film called Purple Rain.  This is the one I'm most upset about missing this weekend.

East End Rockabilly at Dominion on Queen
The bands playing are; Royal Crown, and Tennessee Voodoo Coupe.  Don't really know these bands, but I love me some Rockabilly, and so do you.

Dave Mansell at Free Times Cafe
I was really worried about missing this one, cause it was saposed to be a Jeff Buckley tribute.  Luckily I've been informed by Dave that the tribute has been postponed.  But maybe Dave will pull a Buckley tune out for you if you ask nicely.  He's a good guy.  Just ask.   

This is another one I'm upset about missing.  This is one of the Godspeed you Black Emperor spin offs.  A lot like Godspeed, except with more focus on vocals.  There is a great interview with them in the Eye Magazine that is worth checking out. 

EDIT* Resurface Alley Jam at the Drake Hotel 11-7pm
I can't believe I forgot about this.  This is associated with the Style in Progress Graffiti Fest thang.  You can see images from the graffiti walls in the TORONTO section on my blog.  Here's what's happening though "Some of Canada's top Dj's, Bboys & Bgirls, and graffiti artists doing their thing"


Modest Mouse and the National at Molson Amphitheatre $29.50-85.50
Modest mouse's last effort was a fantastic album, complete with ex-Smith Johnny Marr's choppy guitar stylings.  Should be great live.  The National are serious indie-darlings (ew, did I just say that?), with an Interpol vibe... only better.  And both bands are opening for R.E.M.... never heard of em'. 

Thee Silver Mt. Zion.... at Lee's Palace
You can see them twice if you like.  And it's an early show, 2pm.  


Blue grass Mondays at the Local
I love me some Bluegrass.  And on a monday the best place to catch it is in my neck of the woods on Roncesvalles.  The band is called The Hamstrung String band. 

Godzilla: King of Monsters and Gojira playing at Cineforum 7 and 9pm
Cineforum where playing Gojira last monday.  And they're doing the same this monday.  But, this time, you can see the Americanized version as well.  Color!! Raymond Burr!!  Watered-down political insight!  It's much campier, but a cool way to spend your monday night.


Run with the Kittens at Cameron
Video    Video    check em' out.


Crazy Strings at Silver Dollar
The best place to see Bluegrass on Wednesdays is at Silver Dollar.  It's actually the best place to see Blue grass, period.  

This is Spinal Tap playing at Revue Cinema 7pm
Sooooooooo funny. This is the greatest film spoof of all time, also the greatest music film of all time.   Just go see it.  The Revue will be turning the projectors up to 11. (see what I did there?).

See ya Next week, with an a special NXNE edition of This Week In Toronto.  Also coming up, a new section!! yay!!


Lesley Denford said...

I'll be missing seeing This is Spinal Tap to go to the cottage? Boo. That movie is great. The projectors definitely deserve to be turned up to 11 for that one. ;)

Valery Gore said...

nu ugh. Don't be skeptical of Jamie Lidell. His first album actually wore out in my cd player in like, 2005 or whatever. His new album is great too, but he is just wacky! And awesome. I saw him last time he was in town and I dug it. I'm going tonight too!

oh my god, overflowing love for Jamie Lidell. I really should tame it down....

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

Here's an art thing:

Resurface Alley Jam
Saturday June 7th, 11am - 7pm
The Drake Hotel (Beaconsfield & Queen West)
"Some of Canada's top Dj's, Bboys & Bgirls, and Graffiti Artists doing their thing"

Shawn William Clarke said...

Don't worry LD. Spinal Tap is Wednesday. Lots of time for the tap.
Allright, Val, I'll try to give Jaime Lidell a second chance. To be fair I'd only listened to a couple of his songs.
And thanks for the Show info Jess, I'll post it, post-haste.