Polling the Artists: Q3 (Part 2)

That question again:

What has been one challenge for you in pursuing your craft?

As an artist, I find promoting my art and networking to be challenging.  As with most industries, to find work it's often more about who you know than what you know.  Having a website and using social networking sites (like Twitter and Facebook) habe been helpful, but I'm still struggling with making connections to lead to jobs.  I'm starting to look for work in New York City (where I would like to move in the near future), and my biggest challenge right now is to find a creative job in a city where I don't yet know anyone.  I think this will take a lot of resourcefulness, cold calling, and luck... wish me luck!

Shawn Clarke: Musician/Editor

I think the biggest problem I face is myself.  I'm my own worst enemy.  Laziness is a huge factor in where I am today (or rather, where I'm not).  I could practice today.... or I could marathon this German Expressionism box set!!  I could book a few gigs, call some bands, set up a good line up.... or I could go to Dance Cave with my friends!!  I think, oddly enough, that part of it comes from a fear of failure.  I have trouble making phone calls to people I don't know (bookers, promoters, musicians etc), because I worry sometimes that I'm not worth their time, or that it won't be worth my time.  It's something I've been trying to work on, but it moves very slowly...  So, if anyone wants to call me and set up a gig, that'd be great.  

Presently, my main career challenge has been lack of focus.  Since I've completed school, I've found that there are so many options I can pursue.  Do I want to make and sell my own merchandise?  Should I focus on getting gallery shows?  Personal animation projects?  Freelance magazine illustration?  Package design companies?  Graphic design jobs?  Get my teachers degree?
It's hard to choose and follow through.  I get distracted and try to do it all, and therefore, things take too long to reach completion.

Thanks to the artists who participated this week,  please check out their sites, it's worth your time.  Back soon, with an interview(?), This week in Toronto on Thursday, Great Album series on Friday.  Peace!


jessica said...

those weren't hypathetical questions .. I expected you to answer them.

Lesley Denford said...

Jessica, you should make and sell your own merchandise. I'd totally buy a poster or a button or a shirt. Or all three.

And Shawn...there's a TYPO in my answer! Eww. Fix it fix it fix it!

Shawn William Clarke said...

Jessica, The answer to all your questions is no. You should devote your life to soup.

Where is the typo Lesley, I'm too lazy to look for it.

Joel Emberson said...


I agree with lesley, i would also buy your merch, it's peachy keen. seriously, i loved the two buttons i bought and wish i had more lol

Shawn William Clarke said...

It looks like the people have spoken Jessica.

jessica said...

Oh you guys ... too kind. I'm all a dither.
I'll keep all that in mind.

And Shawn, make your own damn soup.

And Lesley, that's exciting about your goals to live and work in New York!

Lesley Denford said...

"habe been helpful".

There's the typo. Ick.

Shawn William Clarke said...

yeah, it's slang... for... um...

Kristy Gordon said...

I say start with the merchandise while you're finishing work for some gallery shows! :)

Beth said...

Shawny-kins. if you want some help with booking shows... I'm the girl for you. It's what I did at Yuk Yuk's (but of course for comedians) I'll get you gigs! Let's chat!!!!!