This Week in Toronto (Oct 31 - 5)

Here's the rest of your week! Happy Halloween!! A little change for this week, I won't have a track of the week up tomorrow, but I promise some fun stuff for next week!


Rear Window and the Exorcist playing at Fox Theatre 7pm and 9pm
If you find yourself with nothing to do this Halloween, might I suggest a couple really great movies? Rear Window is one of Alfred Hitchcock's best films, brilliantly parodied in the Simpsons. And the Exorcist, well, it's the exorcist. It's fucking scary.


Feist and Hayden at Massey Hall (178 Victoria St.)
Feist is playing at the ACC later this week, but no one wants to see a show at the ACC. It's one of the worst venues in Toronto. But, Massey Hall is one of the best! So if the show isn't sold out, I suggest you check it out. I'd be more excited about opener Hayden, though. One of Canada's best songwriters, and (in my humble opinion) a much greater talent.


Mon Oncle playing at Cinemateque Ontario (317 Dundas W)
This is one of my favorite films of all time. Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot trilogy is an absolute treat, and while I favor the first part "M. Hulot's Holiday", Mon Oncle is definitely a film everyone should see. Are you looking for a sweet film? They don't get any sweeter. Tati's films are visually exciting and funny. I mean it people, PLEASE see this film!!


Dracula, Frankenstien and Abott and Costello Meet Franenstien playing at Cineforum (463 Bathurst) 7pm, 8:30pm and 10pm
A great triple header at Cineforum! If you're still in a halloween-y mood, you can catch this set of films every day until Wednesday. They are all classics!


Official think for yourself day!!
I really just mean I couldn't find anything exciting enough to post. What should I do tonight people?! Staying home and watching the American presidential election could be interesting (and no doubt frustrating).


The Apartment playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30

This film is actually playing on Sunday and Monday as well. It's another one of them classic's I keep talkin' about. Jack Lemmon, Shirley McLaine (who is adorable, BTW), are involved in this romantic(?) comedy, directed by Billy Wilder. Recognized for it's frank depiction of suicide, infidelities, and other things that make up a great rom-com.

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