Track of the Week: Scared by Valery Gore

Ok, so I got a Myspace notification that Valery Gore has put up some new tracks. That is something worth checking out, and I've fallen in love with the song Scared, so much that I've decided to start up a whole new segment! Once a week I'm gonna post a link to a bands myspace so that you can check out a song (and hopefully, if you like it, check out more).

It's been 3 years since Val's self titled debut, and we're finally getting some new music! Scared is built around an up-beat groove played on bass and Rhodes, with Val's vocals mirroring the keys. Horns add texture at the 1:10 mark, and check out the tight rhythm work from bass player Devon Henderson and drummer Daniel Neil, I need to steal (or borrow) this rhythm section! Val's lyrics are as cryptic and playful as ever, and the song fades out on a vamp, hopefully pushing Val's work in a new and exciting direction. Her CD release for Avalanche to Wandering Bear is on the 21st of November at Supermarket, but you can pick up a copy anytime after November 4th.

Check out Scared, and Other Songs by Valery Gore, Here!


Lesley Denford said...

I really like that song, and Valery's super groovy headband thing. :)

Valery Gore said...

Thanks a lot Shawn.
It really means something to me that you put me on your blog like that.

Thanks buddy.

Shawn William Clarke said...

It's a great song, what can I say?