This Week in Toronto (Nov 20 - 26)

Wellllll.... hello. Not too much to say about last week. Saw some things, did some things, killed some things, hid some bodies... just a normal week here in the big city. This saturday, if you're in London Ontario, I'll be playing in a tribute to the Beatle's White Album!! That's going to be really cool. I'm playing, so is Kaya Fraser, Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, A Lending Library, State Bird of Idaho, and others. So, come. Everyone staying in the city, here are some things for you... click links for more info, add comments to the comments section (you know, tell me what you've got planned, etc...)


M83 at Opera House 9pm
On their myspace, they describe their sound as Shoe gaze/ Rock/ Pop. I guess that's a pretty good description... They sometimes remind me of a North American Air after listening to too much My Bloody Valentine.... does that give you a good idea?


Valery Gore CD Release Party at Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave) 10:30
I was driving around Toronto the other day, flippin' through radio stations, when all of a sudden I hear a voice I recognize. It was Val Gore's new single "Consolation". Pretty cool! Well, the CD release party wave of November continues this Friday when Val debuts her new album "Avalanche to Wandering Bear". $1o at the door, $20 with CD.... plus she has a killer band featuring her rhythm section, and a horn section! Good stuff.


Mean Streets playing at Cinematheque Ontario
Martin Scorsese's breakthrough hit, playing on one of the best screens in the city (and it'll probably have the best print as well). This is a great film, and only gets better with each viewing. And DeNiro... man, what a role... I've heard it said that now a days, he doesn't read the scripts, only the pay checks. But in his day, he was brilliant.


Labyrinth playing at Fox Theatre 2pm
One of the movies I saw as a child that always stuck with me (not quite as much as The Dark Crystal). The type of fantasy that children don't get very much anymore. At times scary, at times sad, always entertaining. I just picked up the special edition DVD of this, and I love it. Great idea for a Sunday afternoon.


John McLeod Rex Hotel Jazz Orchestra at the Rex Hotel 9:30
I don't think I get out to see enough jazz. When I was at Humber, I went all the time. And I guess I burned myself out. But there is nothing like heading out to a great bar and seeing some great jazz. John McLeod is one of Toronto's best trumpet players, and he plays with a 20 piece orchestra. You don't get many opportunities to see that large of an ensemble these days. Check it out when you can, it's something else.


Harold and Maude playing at Fox Theatre 7pm

One of the greatest (and oddest) romance movies off all time! Come see where Wes Anderson gets most of his ideas! Love knows no age.


Man On Wire playing at Revue Cinema 7pm
I didn't get out to see a lot of new movies this year, unfortunately. But of the ones I did see, this was my favorite. This film blindsided me. I saw the trailer, and thought it might be pretty good. I definitely wasn't expecting to be as moved as I was. It tells the story of a man's quest to tight rope walk between the world trade towers. A MUST SEE!!


Mathew said...

This is by far the film of the year for me. I am going to see it again next week.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Yeah, it's fantastic.

Lesley Denford said...

Valery Gore = AWESOME! Thanks for dragging my tired butt out to see her. She's incredible.