Note from the Editor: A few Shawn Clarke CD's left

Hey everyone. Hope your holidays were (and in some cases still are) great. Mine was good. I ate a lot, opened some presents, made 7 stops in 2 days. Pretty excessive. Anyways, now that I'm back I'm doing a bit of house cleaning.

In 2006 I put out an official Shawn Clarke EP, entitled "The Green Room EP".

I've been hawking it at gigs, trade shows, shoot-em-ups and what have you. Now, I'm down to just 35 EP's left. If anyone is interested in owning one, I'm selling them for $10 bucks, and I'll include a free copy of the Christmas album I did with Alexis Marsh to the first 20 that go! All you gotta do is leave your email address in the comments section (or if you're shy, email me at shawn_clarke25@hotmail.com). That way I can get in touch with you, get your address, figure out this whole payment thing.

Oh, you wanted to hear some of it? Check out tracks Secret Bear, and Song For Kathleen over here at the official Shawn Clarke Myspace page

Hope all is well, and I'll get some non-shilling posts up for you in the next couple of days.


Sam Allen said...

Shawn... I can't believe that I don't already own this... but I'd love a copy... and a Christmas CD at that! Could keep one aside for ol' Sam?


Shawn William Clarke said...

Done and Done.

Sam Allen said...

Happy New Year Shawn.