This Week In Toronto (Dec 18 - 24)

Hello folks. Well of coarse, the week I promise to put in a This Week in Toronto Segment, happens to be the worst week for shows ever. No one is interested in going out, and no one wants to play, around Christmas. But after many hours of diligent searching, I've found some things that don't have to include a spoon-fed performance by the Trews! Here goes! Click on the links for more info, add comments in the section conveniently marked... comments!... oh, do you know who is adorable, and a really great musician to boot? Coeur De Pirate's lead singer Beatrice Martin. True story.


Crystal Method at Wrongbar 9pm
Wow, there's a name I haven't heard in a long time! What are they doing these days? Well, lets check out their Myspace shall we?... well... seems about the same as ever. If this is your thing, check it out, the Wrongbar may be a great place to see these guys.


It's a Wonderful Life playing at Bloor Cinema 7pm
Time to get into the x-mas spirit, and no better way to do it than with It's a Wonderful Life. I Love James Stewart, and you should too!


Sarah Slean and Friends at Enwave Theatre (231 Queens Quay W) 7pm
Sarah Slean is really a great songwriter. Her songs are quirky and melodic, much more interesting than most of the "Women in Songs" crap we get pushed in our faces. I'm curious about who her friends are.


Batman the Animated Series playing at Cineforum 1pm
As I've stated in earlier columns, Cineforum is on it's last legs. The lease is soon to be up, so you need to drop by while you still can. This Sunday, Reg Hartt will be playing 4 episodes from 1992's Batman the Animated Series (which was a fantastic series). But the real treat is that he'll also be playing one episode from 1943's Batman serial. Awesome.


Go Get your last minute X-mas presents!!
Get on it! If you're bored still, you could go see Angela Bower at Tranzac, they're great. Or go to the Local and see the Bluegrass Mondays... or The Drake for Elvis Mondays.


Dial M for Murder playing at Cineforum 7pm
This is one of the few Hitchcock movies unseen by me. So, who wants to come with me? anybody? Anybody? If we stick around, they'll be playing 1983's Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, I hear it's a pretty good movie. The kids love thier Star Wars, and I love me some Hayden Christenson (Just kidding, he's one of the worst actors of all time. Come see one of the only 3 true Star Wars films).


Matador and Orphee playing at Cineforum 7 and 9 pm
This is probably the only game in town if you're looking for something to do un-christmas related. Pedro Almadovar's Matador, and Jean Cocteau's Orphee. I haven't seen either of these films. Actually I don't know very much about them. All I know is both directors are brilliant, and anything they touch is gold. You can't go wrong.

So tomorrow, I'd normally do a Track of the Week, but instead I'll be giving you, Video footage from the Olenka and the Autumn Lovers CD release. Sound good? Leave some comments. I love comments.

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