This Week in Toronto (Feb 12- 18)

Well, I hope you enjoyed the last two days of my interview with Nick Zubeck. If you haven't read it yet, scroll down below this post and you'll find part 2 and 1 respectively. SO, how was your week? See any good shows? Well let me tell you about this week.... click on links, add comments!


Timber Timbre and Ghost Bees at Music Gallery (197 John St)
Timber Timbre have recieved a lot of buzz in the last little while, and it's well deserved. The genre list at the top of their Myspace page says it all: Gothic, Rockabilly, Blues. Ghost Bees are an a duo to see... Twin sisters singing in haunting unity. This maybe the show of the week.


Elizebeth Sheppard at Le Commensal 6:30, Gate 403 9pm
See one of the few worthy juno nominees playing 2 show's apparantly... The first looks like a solo show, the second with her band, I suggest checking her out with a band.


Barzin, Nick Zubeck and Olenka and the Autumn Lovers at Drake Underground

This is a great lineup. The other week I had two BtTtF favorites playing together (Laura Barrett and Val Gore) this week we have three!! Nick you know a bit about (if you'd read the interview), Barzin is one of my favorite singer songwriters in the city (and I think he has a new album out!), and Olenka (I play in the band, come see me!). Great lineup. Three names you'll be hearing a lot in the future.


Alexander Nevsky playing at Cinematheque Ontario
Sergei Eisenstein made many great films in the early part of the century, one of the best was Alexander Nevsky. Containing one of the greatest battle scenes of all time (on ice, featuring thousands of men, mostly the from the Russian arm, at his disposal) and a great score by the immortal Prokofiev. And it's Cinematheque, so you will probably never get a chance to see a print as good.


Casablanca playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30
yup, the bogie classic is back at Bloor. Playing three shows 4:30 on Friday, 6:45 on Saturday, and 4:30 Monday.


Antony and the Johnsons at Queen Elithabeth Theatre (CNE Grounds)
Here is a man with a voice that you either love or hate... although I'd say I land somewhere in the middle... But there is definitely something infectious about it. At first you want to laugh, it almost seems foolish. But the more you listen, the more heart-breaking and powerful it can be. Decide for your self at the QE theatre.

Ok, have a nice weekend. Hope to see you at the Drake!! Please feel free to leave any comments below in the comments section. BYE!

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