An Update from the birds (for the birds?)

Howdy folks, how are things? Sorry I didn't get the rest of this week in Toronto up. I got a bit busier than I'd planned. I had my brother and sister in law visiting, and we some touristy stuff. The ROM was great. The first time I'd been in since it's been fully open. I love all the Art Deco and Art Nouveau pieces. And of coarse the dinosaurs are great. To know that 10,000 years ago, we were roaming around with Giant Sloths scares the shit of me.

I did have some time for music on Friday night. I went out to the Drake hotel to see the wonderful Evening Hymns. Solo performer Jonas Bonnetta is a great performer and show man. His looped guitar and vocals become hypnotic, and cleverly support his folk songs. He should have a new album out soon, featuring members of Ohbijou. Good company.

I didn't stay for headliner Pick a Piper's first Toronto appearance, although I now wish I had. I've since heard a few songs on their facebook page, and I'm really impressed. The influence of Caribou (care of alumni, Brad Weber) is apparent in the dueling drums, and synth sounds, but this is no rip off. Far more rock and roll. This would be a great band to see live.

So if you're looking for stuff to do for the rest of the week, he's a couple shows


Open Stage at Free Times Cafe
Open stages are a great way for musicians to get their music heard. Even if it's just to other musicians. Ryan over at Free Times has been putting one on for just under a decade, and this will be his last. He's off to bigger and better things (I hope). Anyways, if you've got nothing to do tonight, this is a great way to catch new and exciting musicians.


Gentleman Reg in store at Soundscapes 6pm

Soundscapes is one of my favorite places for CD buying (yes I still do that), it's also becoming a great place to see live music. They had Bruce Peninsula a couple weeks ago, and Timber Timbre as well. This week they're featuring Gentleman Reg. He must have a new album coming out, should be good.


Nick Zubeck, Aaron Lozynsky and Shawn Clarke at Rancho Relaxo

Hey here's a great lineup, even without me playing. Nick Zubeck, well I've said a lot about him lately. He's great, and I believe we'll be seeing a rare solo set from him. Aaron Lozynsky has to be seen. He's a real performer, killer harp player. Really knows how to play to a crowd. And then there's me! I wrote a song the other day, maybe I'll debut it. That'll be fun!

So, what can you expect for BtTtF? Hopefully you'll be getting an interview with Valery Gore (tomorrow?) and another Podcast. See ya soon.


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Looking forward to your show on wednesday!