This Week in Toronto April 23-29

Welcome back! I'm sorry I missed last week, I was scaling a volcano at the time, but this looks like a great week in Toronto! First though, if you're planning on being in the London Ontario area this weekend (or if you're in the mood to do a little traveling) the good folks at OH records are putting on a festival! featuring the likes of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, Barzin, Laura Barrett, A Horse and His Boy, Lioness, and many more, check out the website here. Now, on to Toronto....


Four Tet at Wrongbar
I got a chance to see Four Tet a couple years ago playing with Junior Boys, Caribou and one of the worst acts I've ever seen, Sunburned Hand of the Man. Four Tet will have you moving, or intently trying to figure out whats going on up stage.


Birdsacrosswater, Sick Friend and Owl Eyes at Nupsa (house party)
This is a house party, so I don't know what kind of capacity they have... but this is a great lineup. All the way from Montreal we have Birdsacrosswater and Sick Friend, two great ecclectic songwriters. Also playing is Toronto's own Owl Eyes, all three acts are not quite what you expect, and I mean that in the best way possible. Address and other info at the facebook page here.


Great Lake Swimmers at Queen Elizabeth Theatre
The next big thing in Canadian folk/roots music, catch them now before their headlining Massey Hall.


Mafioso playing at Cinematheque Ontario
I haven't actually seen this film, but I've heard a lot about it. One of the first films to deal with the subject of the Sicilan Mafia, with a comedic touch. Apparently an obvious influence on The Godfather. Plus Cinematheque has a new pristine 35mm print, can't argue with that.


M Ward at phoenix Concert Theatre
M Ward is such a great songwriter, and has one of the best most recognizable voices in the buisness. He'll be playing tunes from his new fantastic album Hold Time.


The Killing and Night of the Hunter playing at Bloor Cinema
I love the Killing! Sterling Hayden is one of my favourite faces to see on the big screen. Back when male leads could be real men, rugged and tough. This is a quintesential hiest film... so good. Also playing as a double bill is Night of the Hunter, featuring the equally rugged and tough Robert Mitchum. This film is truly intense, feature Mitchum as a psycotic priest chasing down two children.


Valery Gore and Evening Hymns at the Drake
Speaking of great double bills, head over to the Drake and catch the lovely and talented Valery Gore, and as an added bonus you get the brooding folk sounds of Evening Hymns. Two of my favorites. Here is a taste of Evening Hymns....


Lesley Denford said...

I know this is a music blog...but I really like the scarf that girl is wearing. :)

Shawn William Clarke said...

She's a well dressed lady, and a great singer/songwriter.