Track of The Week: Unmade Bed by Sonic Youth

Hello again! How was your week? Miss me? I spent the week lounging and hiking volcanoes in Nicaragua. I'm now slightly tanned, very poor but a little more wise to the world (speaking of poverty, if anyone is interested in advertising on my site, or just sending along some funds for me to keep it going please email me at shawn_clarke25@hotmail.com).
But now it's back to my simple life here in Toronto. I pressed play on my shuffled I-tunes list, and this song came up first.

I've always been drawn to this song. I wouldn't say that Sonic Nurse is one of their finest albums, but Unmade Bed is one of there finest songs. The instrumental section is an exercise in restraint, building on a simple melody, the three guitars pass it around to a final almost funky reprise.

Any day that starts with Sonic youth is a good day in my books.

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