This Week in Toronto May 7-14

Hey guys, how are things? I got myself out of the house last night and saw the amazing Kensington Prairies at Graffitis. A must see people! Luckily you have the chance again this week! Please check the links if you'd like to know more about the events (hear music, etc). Also feel free to comment in the section conveniently marked "Comments".


Kid Koala at Lee's Palace
This is probably the most fun you'll have seeing a DJ. Kid Koala is a technical genius, and has a great sense of humor, something that is apparent in his vinyl choices. And if you can't make it, there's a special event happening on Monday.


PDF Format at The Bread & Circus (299 Augusta Ave)
Remember that great cover of "God Only Knows" That I had on my last podcast? No, go check it out, I'll wait.... anyways, PDF Format is performing along with some bands I don't know, but the names are promising... Battle Lava, TouchBoy, Tetris Hold Em (Tetris Hold Em!! Genious!).


Sleep over at Trash Palace!!
Trash Palace celebrates its 2 year anniversary with a sleep over! $15 gets you Sugar Hill and her Zombie Hit men (which I've seen, it's magical!), Frankensteins Daughter, Someone at the Top of the Stairs, Fast and Sexy, TNT Jackson, Cartoons and breakfast!! I think there's only 40 spots available, so get your tickets now.


E.T. Playing at the Fox Cinema 2pm
Round up the kids (or the inner kids) and head out to the east end to see the classic E.T! Not sure if you'll be watching the original print, or Spielberg's Lets-erase-history-because-we-can version. Either way it's still a good time.


Kid Koala at The Central (603 Markham St)
This is really cool, especially for people who like to draw. This event has been held in Montreal a few times, and my friend has been and says its great. For 5 hours, Kid Koala spins some unusual records in his collection to give you a quiet soundtrack to create by. Apparently he's pretty approachable at this event, and his wife has a bake sale going! $15 gets you in, gets you a hot chocolate and a pencil!! Really cool event.


Troll 2 at Bloor Cinema 9:30pm
Considered by many to be one of the best worst movies of all time. I haven't seen it, but I love a cult film! And how can you say no to this movie poster?


Kensington Prairies at Graffiti's
Here's your second chance to see this great band. The beautiful voice of Rebbeca Rowan is worth the trip to Kensington Market. Performing with them this week is John Connoly and Mathew De Zoete.

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