Track of the Week: I'll Keep it With Mine by Nico

Welcome to Bob Dylan week here at Birdstootiredtofly! As some of you know, he turns 67 on Sunday, and we're celebrating all week! On the final day, Sunday May 24, myself and some great musicians are playing his songs at C'est What here in Toronto, in what should be a great tribute! But first, the track of the week. Dylan is one of the most covered musicians of all time, so I think it's fitting to choose one of my favorites.

Model, Actress and Warhol celebrity Nico released her first album, Chelsea Girl in 1967 following her debut on the legendary Velvet Underground and Nico album. The album is fantastic, and if you don't have it, you should find it. One of it's many great tracks is this recording of Bob Dylan's I'll keep it With Mine.

Dylan recording of the song found a home on his Biograph album and The Bootleg Series 1-3. Here's his version

Since I have you here, how about checking out the Flying Burrito Brother's recording of Dylans "If You Gotta Go"?

And Dylan's version, also from The Bootleg Series 1-3

So what's up next? Tomorrow I've got an interview with Toronto musician Noah Zacharin, discussing the influence of Bob Dylan, and Sunday's tribute show.

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Sam Allen said...

The Dylan version of "I'll Keep It With Mine" is amazing, sorry Nico.. but.. it... is...