Shows and parties.

Hey guys, just wanted to update on a couple great acts I caught, and then, tomorrow, I'll get that Taylor Kirk (Timber Timbre) interview up, like I promised.


Ohbijou and Evening Hymns at The Opera House
I was excited to get out of the house on Thursday. I had a lazy day, recording, watching movies and listening to records. And the prospect of seeing Evening Hymns with a 7 piece band was too exhilarating to pass up. So I arrived a bit early, chatted with Taylor and the Ghost Bees and got in to catch the set. Let me tell you, the band is great. If you've seen Evening Hymns before you know how great Jonas is... now imagine that with a full band!! Just trust me, and get out to see him at the Orillia Opera house opening for Joel Plasket on the 2nd. Or for those who live in London he's playing at a house party with The Wooden Sky on the 24th (Yale St? I'll look into it). Oh and Ohbijou. It was thier event, so it'd be wrong of me to not mention them. They were perfection as usual. The new songs are beautiful, (especially "New Years", which you can check out here). If you wanna catch them you can head over to the Hillside festival in Guelph on the 25th and 26th of July.


Shawn Clarke and the Strip at Shawn Clarke's House!!
Well, I had, what I hope will be, the first of many Birds Too Tired To Fly music nights at my house! It was an invite only event, as it was sponsered by Carlsberg (if I said anything about the free beer, I'm sure my house would have been destroyed). So, 20 of us packed my wee house with 3 cases of Carlsberg (and more bottle openers than we had any use for), and a couple acts. I took the stage without fanfare, planning on going through a few new songs, and getting the Strip on. The new songs were very well recieved, and the old ones became drunken sing-a-longs. Kevin and Matt from the Strip accompanied me. Good times. Next up were the Strip. The played a beautiful low-key set of songs, with drummer Matt playing on a tamborine the whole time. Singer Diana Catherine came up for a couple songs as well. Great band, get out and see them tonight, at Not My Dog in Toronto.

photos by Lesley Denford and Beth Nicholls and Jessica Rae Gordon

Ok, that's it for me. See y'all tomorrow, with my interview with Taylor Kirk!


Lesley Denford said...

Yaaaay Carlsberg party and Shawn Clarke and The Strip! Good times. :)

Joel Emberson said...

that is too cool... !! You have to invite me one time... when it's sponsored by steamwhistle or corona lol

Shawn William Clarke said...

Ha, I'll give them a call and see what can be arranged!