This Week in Toronto June 25 - July 1

I'm listing to Bruce Springsteen's fantastic album Nebraska right now for the 3rd time today. I resisted this album, but I've had enough people recommend that I finally picked it up, and I'm glad I did. So good. How was your NXNE experience? ready for some more great events? Leave any comments in the comments section below, click on the links for more info.


Ohbijou CD Release party with Evening Hymn at the Opera House
Finally we have the 2nd CD from one of Toronto's best kept secrets (maybe we'll be getting the debut Evening Hymn album sometime soon as well?). This will be a great show, with Visuals and, as mentioned a couple times, Evening Hymn! Also playing are the Great Bloomers, who, unfortunately I am unfamiliar with. But with this lineup, they can't be that bad, can they?


Sonny Rollins at Four Seasons Center for the Performing Arts
One of Jazz's remaining legends. Not many left. I don't know what it costs, but I'm sure it's worth it.


Medeski Martin and Wood at Nathan Philip Square Mainstage Concert
Part of the TD Jazz fest, New York's finest funk/experimental/jazz trio's (and it sounds better than that description, trust me) plays the main stage at Nathan Philip Square. I think it's $30. Worth it.


South Stage for Pride, Just Gimme Indie!

Hmmmm Pride or TD Jazz? Here's what you get at the south stage: Gentleman Reg! Kids on TV! Islands! That's a pretty damn good line up. Runs from 8- midnight, and I think it's free... so maybe Pride wins!


Buster Keaton in College playing at Revue Cinema
Oh Man!! I wish I was around for this!! Buster Keaton (one of my hero's) in one of his films I haven't seen, with live piano accompaniment!! Please go, PLEASE!!


Amacord playing at Bloor Cinema
Fellini's classic Amacord is playing all week at the Bloor. A must see for the score alone!!


Sonic Youth at Massey Hall
Sonic Youth at Massey Hall?! Do I really have to say anything else? SONIC YOUTH!! AT MASSEY HALL!!

WED JULY 1 Constantines and Chad VanGaalen at Harbourfront FREE!!
Well this is a great way to spend Canada Day!! I Love the Constantines, no question about that. Lots of people love Chad VanGaalen... I haven't really taken the time to get into him... but a great pair of performers for a great Canada day!

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