Track of the Week: Valley of the Giants

As I mentioned in my Tour Journal entry earlier this week, I had a chance of a lifetime come up. A chance to dig through the vaults of Arts and Crafts and pilfer what ever I wanted! So, with a mitts full of Jason Collett, Apostle of Hustle, Bell Orchestre, Years, etc, I left A&C with more music that I could handle. Cut to three days later. I'm riding back from Montreal, and we've exhausted all the obvious albums, so I put on Valley of the Giants.

The album is amazing. How'd I miss this one? It was A&C's 4th release (After You Forgot it in People, Heart by Stars, and Jason Collett's Motor Motel Love Songs), and was a totally different direction. This is Anthony Seck (Shalabi Effect guitarist), Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed violinist), and Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene), playing dustbowl dirges and eastern melodies influenced by the Michael Crichton film Westworld. It's moody and beautiful.

Here are a couple of songs from the album. Please rush out and get your own copy! Check out the A&C store.

Claudia & Klaus

Back to God's Country

Bala Bay Inn

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