This Week in Toronto Oct 29 - Nov 4


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
and Wilderness of Manitoba at the Garrison
Most important show of the week!!! These are two bands on the brink here, people. Catch them together while they're hot. And also featuring Slow Down Molasses, a fantastic night of music.


Elliot Brood
at Opera House
I didn't find their newest album Polaris worthy, but I can't deny the good songwriting. Apparently a really great live performance as well.


Fucked Up at Sneaky Dee's
Annual Halloween performance by Polaris winner Fucked Up! Should be an exciting (and scary) night.


Monsters of Folk at Massey Hall
I don't know if I'm recommending this or not. I love Conor Oberst and M. Ward. Jim James, he's alright. Mike Moglis? He's a good player. But Monsters of Folk? Could they have come up with a more pretentious name? Also the music I've heard has been slightly underwhelming. If this is your thing, then it's your thing!


Rural Alberta Advantage at Lee's Palace EDIT: MOVED TO NOV 20th
A band with buzz, I'm behind the ball on this one, I've yet to see them live. But I only hear good things. Check it.


Mechanical Forest Sound said...

Actually, the Rural Alberta Advantage show has been moved to Nov. 20.

Shawn William Clarke said...

Hey thanks! I'll change that now

Stuart A. Thompson said...

oh man this week is STACKED!
i can vouch for elliot brood live, though i only saw them at Home County and couldn't gauge everything properly. still a lot of cajones behind that voice.

but seriously that O&AL show is to die for.

Monsters of Folk... I don't know. I have faith that this name is supposed to be kind of ironic, not so serious. I don't know. I used to be really into Oberst but I find it's easy to reconsider him and his music as kind of "bad." It depends on how you look at it, and if you're pushed into thinking MAYBE it's bad (like when they call themselves MONSTERS OF FOLK you think maybe they've lost touch) it's easier to come to that conclusion. Probably good live? Or does he shoegaze?