This Day in Toronto: Brooke Manning at the Cameron House

I didn't know about this one until yesterday. If you've no plans tonight (or plans you would like to get out of), I suggest you head over to the Cameron House. One of my favorite local artists, Brooke Manning will be performing in the back room, opening for Allie Hughes.

I've mentioned her many times, but I don't believe any of you have taken my advice and checked her out. For shame! A few months ago I saw her at Heartbeat 960 and had this to say about the performance:

The first time I saw her it was a solo show, but the addition of a band has taken it to another level. The performers (consisting of lap steel, flute and synth) create a beautiful sound scape, cushioning Brooke's unique voice and guitar playing. The city became a secondary instrument, a passing street car, buzzing air conditioner, wind rustled leaves, added new layers to Manning's performance.

And I don't think that really does it justice. Please, just go, show starts at 9, and I think she's on first, so don't be late!

Talk later.

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