Track of the Week: Your Love's Return by Gordon Lightfoot

We had a bit of a scary yesterday. The Calgary Herald and National Post where carrying the story that Gordon Lightfoot had died. Like so many others, I was saddened to hear the passing of one of Canada's finest songwriters. As a musician from Orillia I felt a sort of kinship with Lightfoot. Luckily, his death was turned out to be a hoax. I guess it shows how hurting the print industry is when they'll jump at any possible lead, this one being a twitter post... a twitter post? Who the hell believes anything on twitter?

Anyways, I spent some time reaquanting my self with Lightfoot's work, and gravitated towards this jem, Your Love's Return.

Sorry about the late Track of the Week, I promise one on Monday morning, back to normal!

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Christine said...

one of my favourites