Track of the Week: Since I've Been Growing by David Newberry

Hello! Long time no see. How ya been? I've been busy. Started working a new job for Yuk Yuks, booking shows, sending CD's everywhere, and did two CD release parties (they went swimmingly, thanks for asking). So, I will try my best to update a bit more, I promise.

I played the 10th annual Bob Dylan tribute in May, and I got to hear a guy who I think is going places. His name is David Newberry, check out the opening track from his album;

You can hear his album in it's entirety on his myspace page here

See ya soon!

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Alexis Marsh said...

Don't doooo that. I missed this. Congrats on your cd release. So wish I could have been there, luv. I'm sure you'll be playing LA soon.

And, yes, lovely track. Thanks!