Track of the Week: Wake Up Baby by Dion

I never thought I'd find myself enjoying Dion. I don't know why. I always just associated him with lame music... it wasn't even based on anything... But yesterday I was in Soundscapes here in Toronto (one of my favorite stores FYI), and I'm checking out the listening booths, and there's a new reissue of "Wonder Where I'm Bound". Well, what a great album! By this time in his career, Dion had dropped a lot of the Do Wop that made him famous and was mixing Blues and folk elements... Needless to say, Columbia Records wasn't happy. So much of the stuff recorded during the mid-sixties haven't had a significant release. Anyways, check out this great tune, written by himself, called "Wake Up Baby"

Pretty great right?

While you're here, have a listen to his interesting take on the blues standard "Baby, Please Don't Go"

Awesome. Talk soon.

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Anonymous said...

Four years after your post, I just heard Wake Up Baby on WFMU here in NY/NJ. Outstanding! Thank you for your post. The track is a BIG winner.

also on the same album, "Knowing I Won't Go Back There" is really good by Dion but great by the late Kenny Rankin on a 1964 Columbia single. Well worth finding.