tour journal: OAL Halifax

Eating well on a tour is important. Usually you're stuck with meals on the road. Tim Hortons, Mcdonalds, etc. We've been extremely lucky on this tour, for example, this morning Patrick, Olenka and Kevin put together a wonderful meal of Fritata, potatoes, and crepes. It was glorious. After dishes, we went to the Dartmouth Value Village cause... well... i guess that's what you do.

The good folks at radio CKDU had us drop by to perform. We did a similar acoustic set to the one in Edmundston, except this time we were joined by Patrick Shmidt playing the banjo on a couple tracks. It's nice to extend the musical hand of friendship to someone as talented and humble as Pat.

OK, so this is a rough blog entry. To be honest, I'm tired, missin' my gal, and drinking a 14% brew that I picked up on the New Brunswick border. This stuff is awful and amazing at the same time.

With that in mind, I'll make this brief. We just played at the Company House here in Halifax, and it was a great show. It's so good to have Kevin back on stage playing the bass guitar. Patrick played some banjo, and a great time was had by all. The stage size at CoHo is perfect for a 4 piece folk/rock combo... but, at certain points, we're an 8 piece combo. So I played at the side of the stage, hopping on when I felt like my shaker playing needed to be front and center.

OK, that's enough of that. I've had half a glass of the crazy beer, and I'm drunk. So goodnight all!

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