Tour Journal: OAL Moncton/ Sackville

I may be the worst person to write a tour journal. I have a horrible memory. I was asked today, where we'd be on the tour so far. Um... Montreal.... Halifax... um... Edmundston...

Yesterday we left Saint John (after a perfect greasy spoon breakfast), and headed to Moncton. Moncton wasn't on the original tour schedule. But a booker who Olenka knows, really wanted us there. So we agreed to do an early evening show. We pulled up to a little gallery, and set up for a quiet set (no drums, bass, electric guitar, horns). I was asked to do a small 4 song opener.

Halfway through my set the child parade came in. within the length of one song, the audience became full of young children. While pondering the ridiculousness of it all, a small cat came bounding into the room. I couldn't help but feel like my set was upstaged by the caravan of adorable that kept coming though the front door.

Handsome Dan played next. That's Autumn Lover drummer Dan Mancini (a truly handsome chap). He played a couple new songs, both great, and closed with one from his new EP.

The Autumn Lovers set went off without a hitch. The audience was appreciative, and we all were interviewed after wards for... something... I didn't really catch it.

Sackville was up next. Sound check was unfortunately pretty atrocious. The monitors were feeding back, the bass was overpowering everything, and any adjustments made, did little to help. That's always a bit frustrating, but to be honest, Simon and myself rarely have good sound. We rarely have mics, NEVER have monitors. Bad sound is sort of the norm.

The rest of the band seemed a little bummed, but about two songs into the set we hit our stride. The audience was electric. Dancing, clapping along, cheering, and calling out the name of their favorite rhythm section member (I think Kevin won out in the end, but he lives here).

The night ended back at Kevin's place. Our openers, Cory Eisener and the Sheep Dogs, and a bunch of friends partied until 4:30 or so.

I'm a bit of a wreck this morning. Seriously sleep deprived, but luckily we have a few hours of rest here in Sackville before our next show in Fredericton!

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