Tour Journal: OAL: Sackville/ St. Andrews/ Quebec City

Well, I'm a couple days behind. But here's the update; Thanksgiving was AMAZING. A really beautiful thing. 21 guests piled into a small living room in Sackville. More food than we knew what to do with. Good friends, new and old. I wouldn't want it any other way.... OH, and the best part, Blair fell in a ditch. True story.

The following day, we said good bye to Kevin, and headed west. St. Andrews is a sleepy town this time of year, the Summer tourist have long gone, but it's a great time to see it. The leaves are fully changed and starting to fall. Emma, a friend of the band, set us up in her step-fathers place, Salty Towers. What a place! Antiques everywhere, parts of the building date back to the late 1800's. The building is maze-like due to the renovations over the last century. So much history.

We played at the Red Herring, and there wasn't much of an audience, but we had great sound! We took advantage of our cheap drinks and had a blast. The few who attended where also treated with small sets by Handsome Dan, Myself, and Blair Whatmore. It was great to see Blair play his originals for the first time this tour, and Dan, as always was enthralling.

Early to rise the next morning. I took one final tour around the city, and we embarked on our longest journey to Quebec City.

We pulled in after about 10 hours. We were glad to be out of the van. Our venue was Fou Bar, a wonderful dark place run by the social and energetic Lily Jodoin. She really is a character,the type you can only find in Quebec!

Our opener was a friend from Halifax, Gianna Lauren. She's also backing a new record, and will be in Ontario later this week, Ottawa and Toronto, take note.

And so, you find me here; a nice apartment in Quebec City, stealing someones Internet, and ready for breakfast., There should be more excitement to come (including how we're going to get this rental van back to Montreal!) Keep checking in.


embersonic said...

Thanks for these updates! Also, loving the writing style...

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thanks Joel! I'm almost done the tour, so alas, there won't be too many more.