Notes from the Editor: Pug Awards... sadly not about pugs.

It was brought to my attention by local artist/ designer Lesley Denford, that the pug awards are on this month! Don't know what the pug awards are? well... neither did I. But after some searching and investigating (mainly checking out the website), I found out that the pug awards "were established to raise public awareness of architecture and to elevate design standards for development projects in Toronto". What's cool about it is that you can go onto their website and vote on 21 new (ish?) buildings in Toronto, and hopefully the architecture world will be listening. I say this because, personally I found 5 of the to be of any interest, and only one (the ROM Micheal Lee-Chin Building) to be even worthy of the competition. but maybe you'll disagree. So check it out, and if you get the chance come back here and tell my what you think in the comments section.


Dana said...

My condo building is in the competition! (One City Hall)

And for some reason... I actually don't like the front of the ROM. Feels really out of place to me.

Shawn William Clarke said...

yeah, I understand that. I actually like that it feels out of place! It's kinda like Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Maybe that's what I like. I expect Marlon Brando's giant head to be inside, telling me to remember my heritage or something.

Lesley Denford said...

Wait, this ISN'T about pugs? BORING!
(Okay, I'm kidding!)

I agree with Shawn about the ROM crystal - I like it because it feels out of place. It's weird, conflicting, and challenges the surrounding architecture. It looks like the existing building had this new structure burst out of its stomach like some sort of pointy metal alien.

Dana said...

I can definitely see that point. The fact that it's the 'odd man out' makes it interesting, that's for sure. I think what bugs me about it is that it's SO different, instead of playing off the older buildings around in contrast, I find that it's a little too dominating for my taste. It's such a focal point that the other, older buildings on that street (that I love) get the shaft a little ;)

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thats actually a very valid point. The New seems to take over the old. I still thinks it's great, though, I appreciate the audacity.