This Week in Toronto (May 15-21)

Well here we are again, the third installment of this week in Toronto.  hmm... Doesn't seem to be a lot happening this week.  But as always, if you know of anything I missed (especially in any art scene that isn't music and movies) please comment, and I'll try to get any edits up ASAP.   Also, if you're curious about the listings, just click on the links. 

Thurs May 15

The Cure at the ACC.  $39- $89. 
The Cure.  You know, the Cure.  You love the Cure, everyone loves the Cure.  Will it be a good show?  Don't know.  But, at least they haven't gone the route of some dinosaurs, and their tickets are somewhat reasonable.  

Fri May 16

Holy Fuck at Wrongbar
Holy Fuck.  If I didn't already have trash palace plans for tomorrow, this is exactly what I'd be seeing.  If you haven't seen Holy Fuck, you need to see Holy Fuck.  If you've seen Holy Fuck, you need to see Holy Fuck again.  Holy Fuck is one of the best live performances you'll ever see.  Period.  You'll dance, you'll gaze in amazement, you may even learn something about yourself.  I want to be friends with these guys.

Sat May 17

Two Hours Traffic and Mardeen at Lee's Palace
I don't know much about Two Hours Traffic.  I've heard the name plenty of times, but have yet to see them live, or listen to their music.  But I caught Mardeen at the Horseshoe Wed night, and they put on a good show.  It's basically the Strokes with the odd 54/40 moment.  They really don't veer off of that formula.  But they do it well.  Check it out. 

Babe playing at The Revue.
Not as good as Babe: Pig in the City, but a better movie to show your kids than anything else in theatres right now.  Unfortunately, though, we can blame this for all the shitty talking animal movies we've been bombarded with (including this up and coming piece of shit)

Cineforum is one of the best underground cinema's in the city.  And on this particular day, they'll be showing F.W. Murnau's Nasfuratu with an accompanying soundtrack of Radiohead's Kid A.  Sounds super cool.  

Sun May 18

Lorne Lofsky Trio at Chalkers
Ever wonder who may be the best jazz guitarist from Canada ever?  Lenny Breau immediatly comes to mind.  Ed Bickert is one of my favourites.  But Lorne Lofsky may be the guy.  From what I 've heard about him, he's a private person, bordering on being an asshole, but man can this guy play.  

Nathan Hiltz Organ Trio at Joe Moma's 
From the best Canadian Jazz Guitarist of all time, to the best up and coming Canadian Jazz guitarist.  I mentioned him in last weeks column, but can't tell you enough, this guy is great.  The Trio is rounded our with Sly Juhas and Bernie Senensky.  This is a hot ticket.... That's right, hot ticket, what?

Mardeen and Mercy the Sexton at Mitzi's Sister
Again, Mardeen puts on a solid show.  I feel their sound could be more relevant, but that's a minor complaint.  Mercy the Sexton where also on the bill Wed, and, well, to be honest, I don't remember anything about them... hmm... 

I mentioned these guys in my interview with Alexandra Krakus.  The apex of Experimental, Noise Rock in Canada.  And they've been doing it since the 60's.  Wanna get noticed by the hipster noise rock crowd at your school or place of work?  Check this concert out, then report back.  You'll be the coolest kid at the high-school-place-of-work I just invented in my mind. 

A Clockwork Orange playing at The Bloor Cinema.
Kubrick's near master-piece adapted from the book of the same name.   We've all seen this film right?  We could see it again.... on the big screen.  I knew about this film long before I saw it.  It was like an urban legend that the older kids in school told me about.  A futuristic film about sociopathic teenagers?  a denouncement of aversion therepy?  A social and political satire? An early example of Sado-porn?  Well, it's probably all these things.  See for yourself. 

Tues May 20

Benefit for Burma with Jason Collett at Lula Lounge
Good cause, good performer.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut playing at the Fox Cinema
Ridley Scott has only dissapointed since this film, I know most people love it, but I hated Gladiator.   I do have a soft spot for Kingdom of Heaven though.  

Wed May 21

Kanye West, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. at Moslon Amphitheatre, $39.50- $84.50
Wow, Check out that lineup.  Seriously.  If you're going to check out one commercially viable, pop concert this year, this is the one.  Say what you will, but these 4 are phenomenal at what they do.  I'd be especially excited to check out N.E.R.D.  

Amy Honey at Czehoski
I found Amy Honey on Myspace a few years ago.  She's great.  If you like the Americana- country twang of Gillian Welsh except with a little more edge, than this is for you.  Very clever, and charming.  Check out the songs Farley Mowat, or Larry the Homicidal Maniac on her myspace.

Book of Gnomes at Tranzac
Nick Zubeck is one of my favourite Toronto artist.  This is his band with trumpet player Ben Bowen.  It's more experimental music brought to you by the good folks at the Tranzac.

Blue Velvet playing at the Bloor Cinema
David Lynch's Suburban satire, is probably the closest thing to a coherant film the man has done (Straight Story not included).  

Have a great long weekend!!  See you next week with the first installment of "Places in the City"


Lesley Denford said...

Holy F**k makes some great music, they have a cat wearing a bandanna and a cowboy hat(!), and I bet they are phenomenal live.

However...I refuse to say (or even type) their name. Couldn't they have come up with something a little less...swear word-y?

Oh, and Babe? Love that movie.:)

Shawn William Clarke said...

Sorry Lesley. The name Holy Fuck to perfectly represents their sound. If they changed it, it'd be a disservice to the entire music community.

Lesley Denford said...

Alriiiight, I get it. Their name is badass, their music is badass. It works. But I'm still embarrassed every time one of their songs comes on my ipod.

Jeff Woodman said...

Have you seen this Final Cut of Blade Runner before Shawn? What got changed in this one?

Beth said...

I would like you to edit this post to this:

Sat May 17

Two Hours Traffic, Mardeen and We Are The Take at Lee's Palace


Shawn William Clarke said...

I have seen the final cut... it's far more... cuttier.. than the original. And beth, I'll see about adding your stupid band of jerks to the post.