Note from the Editor: Updates! Updates! Updates!

You may have noticed a few new things about "Birds too tired to Fly".  

First off, we've finally got a real honest-ta-god web address!  www.birdstootiredtofly.com!  No spellin' http:// or .blogspot, for you!  Also Lesley Denford and I spend a few hours designing the new header.  It's not permanent, as I'm working on getting a serious logo for BtTtF, which will hopefully be done by, oh, i don't know, August, maybe?  

Another note for August, we are currently in the planning stages for the "Birds Too Tired To Fly" Launch Party!  I'm just searching out a good venue, and then I'll let you know who (and what) is on the bill... Expect Music, Art, Mayhem, and the second ever show by the illusive Dexter Parks.

Finally, before I let you go, lets talk about Al Green for a second.  A few weeks ago, I posted a note concerning the possible awesome-ness of his next album.  Well, turns out I was right.  It's fantastic.  It's probably the best thing he's released in 20 years.  Go check it out.  

Be back tomorrow with the 2nd question in the Polling the Artists series!

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