Toronto: Style in Progress walls

Welcome to the first edition of Places in Toronto. This section is devoted to all the great place in Toronto, that not all of you may know about. So, I'll be skipping obvious things like the CN Tower, or say, The Eaton Center... or where ever the tourist hang. This months segment focus's on The Style in Progress Graffiti walls.

For the trip, I assembled a crack team of photographers and rastabouts consisting of Illustrator Cody Walker, and Designers (and artists) Lesley Denford and Dana Francis. 

There are only a few legal walls in Toronto for graffiti art.  The main one runs parallel to Queen street between Bathurst and Spadina.  Twice a year, Graffiti and hip hop festivals are held.  One is called "416 Graffiti Expo", held in September, and the other "Style in Progress".   Style in Progress is coming up fast, next Saturday the 7th, from 11-7.   It's a fantastic way to spend your saturday, watching some serious artist do their thing.  

These walls are open to the artists all year, so the great thing about it, is that it's constantly changing.  There are various remnants of old tags, sticking out from new ones,  creating something neither artist may have envisioned.  

If anyone knows the artist names, please comment as I feel their work should be further acknowledged.  

To see all pics click this link


Kristy Gordon said...

Hey! That's so cool! I didn't even know that there were walls that were legal t do graffiti on on TO! I'm gonna have to hit them up;)

Shawn William Clarke said...

yeah, and there are a few apperantly, I haven't even hit up all the other ones