This Week In Toronto (May 29-June 4)

Oh hello there. Another week, another edition of "This Week In Toronto" Bummm pa pa bummmmm!!! So, a quick note, last night i checked out Harvest Chant at Sneaky Dee's and it was a great show. Check out their myspace, and try to catch them the next time their in town (even check out their solo bands, Birdsacrosswater and Sick Friend, will make you day). Anyways, as always, click on any of the linked (different colored) text to find out more about the night, or to view often clever and insightful, media. If I missed something you think the world should know about, please post it in the comments section, K?
Edit: Jessica Rae Gordon, my resident art (and typo) critic, has informed me of an illustration show on Wed june 4th, scroll down for the info!
Edit2: TV on The Radio (pictured) is not playing on June 2nd, but July 2nd. I'm half-retarted.


Jon Rae Fletcher at Horseshoe
Jon Rae is the front man of Jon Rae and the River. So basically you can expect some serious spiritual drunken craziness, and songs about "Dysfunctional sex" apparently.

Miwa Gemini and Guitar Bomb at Mitzi's Sister.
So, when I was on tour with Olenka and the Autumn Lovers, I had the pleasure of meeting Miwa Gemini. She graciously housed 8 of us in her very small apartment (including 4 other roommates) in New York City. She's also a gifted musician, and will be performing tonight at Mitzi's
Sister. Also performing is Guitar Bomb (is that not the greatest band name ever?) GB played on the same bill as us in NYC. Think a solo Jon Spencer. I'll be there, come grab a drink.

Soles Mojo at Southside Johnny's
I had the pleasure to play with Soles at last weekends Bob Dylan show. She's very talented, and bakes a fantastic cake (or 3).

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure playing at Bloor Cinema 7pm
Well this in an interesting treat. Tonight, the Toronto Cyclist Union is screening Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, with a live cast featuring members of Broken Social Scene, The Hidden Cameras, Kids on TV and others... I have no idea to expect, but damn do I want Pee-Wee's bike.


George Thorogood and the Destroyers at Massey hall $39.50- 69.50
Yeah, I mean it. Ok, so, I don't know what George Thorogood is like live. But man, Listen to "One Burbon, One Scotch, One Beer", than tell me you wouldn't like to fine out. (check it out on Rock Band?!)

Golden Dogs and Major Grange at the Horseshoe
I saw Golden Dogs on The Island Princess in Orillia (it's a boat). They gave off an intense Arcade Fire vibe, and I liked it. And, Major Grange is on the bill! last I heard the weren't playing anymore... or maybe I'm just imagining it. Anywho, a good night of music.

Casablanca playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30 and 7pm

Date movie of the week. It's a great film, no question. The plot sometimes makes no sense, but everybody should see this film at least once. And the supporting cast if top notch. Peter Lorre is in it! how cool is that? Sydney Greenstreet ("the Maltese Falcon"), Claude Rains ("Lawrence of Arabia", "The Adventures of Robin Hood"), Conrad Veidt (who appeared in two of the greatest German Expressionist films "The Cabinet of Dr Caligari" and "the Hands of Orlac"... which was remade as "Mad Love" with Peter Lorre... weird).

Planet B-Boy playing at the Royal Fri-Mon
this is playing the entire weekend, and it looks great. The trailer is enough to convince me.

The Fool Killer at Trash Palace 9:30
Trash Palace is a little piece of heaven for film geeks and cult film fanatics. I've been 3 times, and plan to go every friday (if I can). This week they're playing a 16mm print of "The Fool Killer" I don't know much about it, other than it stars Anthony (Psycho) Perkins. That's enough for me!


Golden Dogs at Horseshoe
Two chances to see the Golden Dogs at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.


TV on the Radio IS NOT PLAYING at Kool Haus
Ok, so this is the MUST SEE for the week EXCEPT IT'S NOT UNTIL JULY 2ND. TV on the Radio will f-in' rock your f-in' socks. Here's how cool TVOR are; on their last album David Bowie sang backup. How f-in cool is that?! Can you imagine getting a call like "Hey there TVOR, this is David Bowie, can I come sing on your new album?" "Ah, yeah sure David, I think we have one song you can sing some back ups on... I guess... ". GO SEE THEM.... JULY 2ND!!

M.I.A. and Holy Fuck at Sound Academy
Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon. This is probably the MUST SEE for the week. I ranted and raved about Holy Fuck a few weeks ago, so I'll spare you this time. But M.I.A.? wow. This is a KILLER double bill. But it's sold out. I tried to get tickets a couple days ago. Boo.

Gojira playing at Cineforum 9pm

Gojira is Godzilla. Except without Raymond Burr Westernizing the place. This is the Japanese original, (probably 16mm) playing at Cineforum. I've never been to Cineforum for some reason, I think this'll be my first venture.


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Air Canada Centre $59.50- 119.50
I'd like to strongly recommend this, but man, look at those prices. I understand people wanted to recapture the glory of their youth by seeing their aging heros. I really do. But, man, paying over $100 to see a sub-par version of what cost you $2 a couple dozen years ago seems stupid. But I guess if you're just discovering Tom Petty, you don't have any recollection of when he truly meant something.

Eric's Trip at MOD Club
Really? Eric's Trip? crazy. I didn't really get into these guys, but they have a serious cult following, so if you're interested, you can do worse than this.


Here's the scoop: 5 Toronto Illustrators examine thie stickier side of romance". It runs until June 27th, so you've got a while to check it out. The artists include: Clayton Hammer, Aaron Leighton, Steve Wilson, Steve Manale and Brandon Steen. Check out their websites.

Honest I's at Rennaisance Cafe
Cool, I just saw these guys last night at the Harvest Chant show. Great band, the drummer especially will impress you until you...can't... be impressed... no more? Anyways, the vocals leave a little to be desired, but they have a post-prog thing going that more than makes up for it.

The Wild Bunch and Bullitt at Revue Cinema 6:45 and 9pm
This is the way to spend a Wednesday night. Sam Peckenpah's violent, realistic western paired with what some consider the best chase movie of all time. A high testosterone night for anyone stuck watching Sex and the City this week.


Lesley Denford said...

The Holy F*ck show sounds amazing... TOO BAD I'M NOT GOING because SOMEONE didn't get tickets in time! I'll just have to listen to you tell stories about how great the last show was without me...

Oh...and did you know I've never seen Casablanca? Yeah. I'm so uncultured.

Good post, btw. I enjoy your insightful commentary. :)

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

This looks good too.
The Cheap Date Show
"5 Toronto Illustrators examine the stickier side of romance"
Wednesday, June 4th at 6:00pm till June 27th, at the Steam Whistle Gallery (255 Bremner Blvd.)

ps. your numerous typos make me feel better about my own typing skills (namely, my creative spelling problem).

Shawn William Clarke said...

Thanks for the info JRG. It's now been updated.
And thanks for pointing out my many flaws. I can always count on you.