This Week In Toronto (June 12-18)

Ok, so I know a lot of people don't really like NXNE.  The bands are rushed, and they get small time slots.  The people who get in for free are industry people who don't deserve to be there (They're not gonna sign anyone anyways, jerks).  There are lots of good reasons to hate on NXNE.  So for those people, here are the alternatives.  Click the links to find out more about each event.  Add anything I missed into the comments section.  

P.S. For anyone still interested in NXNE check out yesterdays post, where I've updated a few listings (How'd I miss Sixtoo?).  

Edit: Thursday and Saturday; Art stuff from Jessica Rae Gordon.


Kronos Quartet at Isabel Bader Theatre (93 Charles W) $40-50 
I never seem to find out about the really cool things until it's too late.  I love the Kronos Quartet, but alas I'll be playing at C'est What tonight.  They're also in the same venue tomorrow night (Trash Palace plans).   the Kronos Quartet are amazing, their last album, a tribute to bollywood composer Rahul Dev "R.D." Burman, was one of my favorite albums of 2006.  They've played with Tom Waits, David Bowie, Amon Tobin, Modern Jazz Quartet, and were the string section on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.  And I'll be missing them.  Damn.

This is Spinal Tap playing at the Revue Cinema 9pm
Can't say enough about this movie. One of the best comedies of all time.  From a time when Rob Reiner didn't suck.  Stonehenge!!

EDIT:  Show and Tell Gallery at The Embassy bar (33 Augusta Ave.) 9-3am
Illustrator Jessica Rae Gordon sent me this one: Exclusive Limited edition prints for sale, Awesome original work, no cover, fun times, free Grolsh! (I love grolsh).


Laurie Anderson at Danforth Music Hall (147 Danforth) 9pm $40-50
If you're looking for the weirdest act to see in Toronto, check out avant Garde performer Laurie Anderson.  Just check out some of these links... I can't really explain what you're gonna get at this show.... Go to her myspace and just listen to O Superman , which managed to some how hit #2 on the UK pop charts in 1981.  And she's married to Lou Reed... so, there ya go.

La Dolce Vita playing at Cinematheque Ontario 7pm
Fredrico Fellini's masterpiece.  This is one of those films that everytime you watch it, you'll get something new out of it.  This is part of a Marcello Mastroianni retrospective going on at Cinematheque.  Masroianni (always as Fellini's alter-ego) is brilliant as a photographer blurring the lines between art and decadence.  This is also where the term papparazi comes from.  Essential viewing. 


The Shuffle Demons at Harbour-front center 3:30pm Free
A free Shuffle Demons show!?!  and I'll be in Hamilton!?!  damn.  Remember Spadina Bus?
Well cheesy (yet so geeky cool) rap aside, A saxophone onslaught is all right in my books, it's really funny to see the old clips of them in the 80's/early 90's, most of these guys taught me at Humber! 

Whale Rider playing at Harbour-front Center Studio Theatre 6:30 Free
Might as well make it a harbour-front day.  Shuffle Demons at 3:30, and than this fantastic New Zealand film at 6:30.  This is a pretty simple story of a young girl coming of age, and trying to connect with her grandfather.  But, man, this is a touching film.  I cry every time I see it.  Keisha Castle-Hughes is brilliant as the young subject of the film, and the scene where she reads a project about her grandfather... oh man... I'm getting misty just thinking about it.  

Carlos Del Junco at Hugh's Room (2261 Dundas) $22
Every year there is a jazz festival hosted in my home town of Orillia Ontario.  And a Blues festival.  There really isn't much difference from one festival to the next (the addition of horns usually signifies the jazz fest from blues).  But I went every year, and loved it.  Carlos Del Junco was one guy who'd be there.  He blew me away every time.  Blues Harmonica like you've never heard.  Worth the $22 ticket price.  

Divorce Italian Style playing at Cinematheque Ontario 7pm
Another in the Mastroianni Series.  This time Marcello is the lead in a dark comedy about a man trying to trick his wife into an affair so that he can kill her.  A lot funnier than the description suggests.  

Edit: TASK art Party Regent Park Baseball Diamond (center field between dundas/ gerrard and Sackville/ Sumach)
Another J. Gordon special.  It's called "A Participatory-Performance-art-making party extravaganza!! Sounds exciting.  The Rules are (apparently) simple: 1. Take a task from the central box. 2. Write down a task--whatever you can imagine-- to replace the one you took.  3. Complete your TASK, wherever it may lead you... Free and everyone is welcomed! Sounds like fun. 


The Big Lebowski playing at Bloor Cinema 9:30
The Coen brothers clever (and hilarious) remake of the Big Sleep.  Pits slacker Jeff Bridges against Nihilists, pornographers and a seriously dysfunctional family.  Probably one of the most quotable movies of all time, and a good reason to start drinking Caucasians. 


Alien and Aliens playing at Bloor cinema 7pm, 9:20pm
Cool double feature.  Find out who made the better Alien movie, Ridley Scott or James Cameron (cause it certainly wasn't David Fincher).  I prefer Ridley Scott's version.... but both are seriously scare-tactic!  (I can make up any word I want.  it's my blog).

That's all folks!  I should have another addition to the Great Albums Series up this week, and I'm working on an interview that'll (hopefully) be up next week.  Keep commenting, as I'm interested in knowing who's reading this.


Jessica Rae Gordon said...

Here's 2 really great art-type events:

Show & Tell Gallery
Thursday, June 12, at 9pm - 3am
The Embassy Bar (33 Augusta Ave. in Kensington Market)
- Exclusive limited edition prints for sale
- Awesome original work
- No cover
- Fun times
- Free Grolsch!

TASK Art Party
A Participatory-Performance-Art-Making-Party Extravaganza!
Saturday, June 14, 3pm - 7pm
Regent Park Baseball Diamond (Center Field between Dundas/Gerrard and Sackville/Sumach)
The rules are simple:
1) Take a task from the central box
2) Write down a task--whatever you can imagine--to replace the one you took
3) Complete your TASK, wherever it may lead you...
FREE and everyone is welcomed!

Lesley Denford said...

That TASK party sounds so cool! Too bad I won't be in Toronto for that.