This week In Toronto NXNE Special Edition!!

Good day people.  Welcome to a very special North by North East edition of "This Week In Toronto"!  I wanted to get this up a day early, because there is at least one good thing going on tonight.  Tomorrow I'll post the regular "This Week in Toronto".  I just posted some of my favourite bands, but all the shows feature (usually) 4 different acts.  Check out the NXNE Website for more info.  Click the links for more band info, and add anything you're interested in seeing into the comments section.  Enjoy.

Edits:  Thurs June 12th and Sat Jun 14


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers at 69 Vintage (11oo Queen St. W.)  7pm
I tend to be a little biased about Olenka's shows, mainly because I'm part of the band.  But I'd be still pimping them if I wasn't.  Olenka is a fantastic songwriter, and you never know what kind of show you're gonna get.  It's going to be a smaller band then usual for this show, but that only means a more intimate Olenka show, where she'll probably pull out some of the quieter songs.  Plus the show is at a vintage clothing store!  I find that pretty cool for some reason. 


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers at C'est What (67 Front St. E.)  9pm
Again, this band features me as one of the members, but I still think it's worth your time checking out.  This will be with the bigger band of autumn lovers (probably 7 to 9 members).  Plus, C'est What has one of the best selections of beer in the city, and Olenka has some great drinking songs!

Creaking Tree String Quartet at Cadillac lounge (1296 Queen St. W)  1am
Four of Toronto's best Blue Grass players make up the Creaking Tree String Quartet.  But they play so much more than Blue Grass.  It's beautiful, sometimes challenging music.   

New Odds at the Elmocambo (Downstairs) (464 Spadina St) 12am
This is a 90's revival, with a revamped version of the Odds!  I think this is great.  I love the Odds.  Someone who is Cool is one of the best songs of the 90's.  I mean that.  I hope the New Odds retain some of the geeky magic that was the old Odds.

Money Mark/ Flash Lightnin at Horseshoe (370 Queen St W)  12am/ 1am
Cool night at the Horseshoe,  Starting with Money Mark.  All I really know about him is his work with the Beastie Boys.  But that's good enough for me.  Followed by Toronto's own Flash Lightnin.  They play Rock and Roll.... real, old school rock and roll... Think Led Zeppelin, Almann Brothers, Big Sugar.... Rock and Roll.

Sloan at Mod Club (722 College)  9pm
I never really got into Sloan.  But for some reason I have a soft spot for them.  In retrospect I think their songs are much better than I ever gave them credit for.  Should be a fun, high energy night.

Mardeen/ Two Hours Traffic at Rivoli (334 Queen St w) 11pm/ 12am
Shout out to the ladies at Quarry Records.  They'll probably be at this one, selling merch.  Mardeen puts on a good Strokes-inspired rock show, so if that's your scene, than this is where you want to be tonight.  Two Hours Traffic is power pop.  It'll give you a cavity. 

EDIT:  Sixtoo at Drake Underground (1150 Queen W) 
Anything from Ninja Tunes is cool beans.  The End.


Allistair Christl and the Swingin Chandeliers at Black Bull (298 Queen St W) 10pm
I had the great pleasure of playing with Allistair at the Free Times Cafe's Bob Dylan tribute a few weeks back.  And he's great.  If you're sick of all the "Indie Rock" and what have you this weekend, what you'll need is some Rock-a-billy, and Allistair delivers.  I love me some Rock-a-billy.  

Orillia Opry at Cameron house (408 Queen St)
Montreal, by way of Orillia.  I have to give special shout outs to fellow Orillia-nites, but it makes it a lot easier when they don't suck.  And Orillia Opry certainly doesn't suck.  It's indie, Folk Rock at it's finest.

Tom Fun Orchestra at Clintons (693 Bloor W)  1am
Another collective, like the Autumn Lovers.  Their myspace features 10 members.  Expect a crowded stage.  This looks like the highlight for Friday night.  Their music isn't very easy to describe, they're Myspace says Soul/Western Swing/ Post-punk.  I could buy that.  

The Whole night at Reverb (651 Queen St W) 10-1am
this lineup is awesome.  Great Lakes Swimmers, Laura Barrett, The Melgrove Band, and Justin Rutledge.  Laura Barrett is my favourite of the 4.  Her quirky thumb piano driven pop is... well... I have a huge crush on her.  She's great.  Everyone else is great too.  


Matt Mays and El Torpedo at Horseshoe 12am
Some more Rock and Roll.  

Valery Gore at the Rex (194 Queen St W)  10pm
One of the newest editions to the Birds Too Tired To Fly Collaborators.  Val is a great singer/ songwriter, equal parts Bjork and Brad Meldau.  She's also has one of the tightest backing bands in Toronto. 

God Made Me Funky at Reverb 12am
Finally, something funky.  No more Indie, no more Rock and Roll, just funk. Give me the funk.  

Pat Mahoney at Wrong Bar 2-4am
The other guy in LCD Soundsystem, DJin' at Wrong Bar.  That sounds cool.  I don't know what kinda sound he has solo, but it has to be good.  

EDIT:  The Prelude at Black Bull (298 Queen W) 10pm
these guys were on the bill Wed night, and rocked.  Raucous English Folk (?)  Best with drinks.

Evil Dead the Musical (X-tra Series) 7-10pm and 11-12am
the Best musical in Toronto is puttin' on two shows for NXNE.  If you haven't seen it, than why not?  See it again.  I don't care.  It's awesome, I've seen it twice.  Woot.

Right on, that's it for my special edition NXNE "This Week in Toronto".  Tomorrow, I'll get the usual "This Week in Toronto" up.  Until then, the BtTtF crew and I say, "Bon voyage".


Lesley Denford said...

Shawn Clarke is playing TWO shows with Olenka? Good times. I'll be there, but mostly for the beer at C'est What. ;)

(Okay, jokes. I don't even LIKE beer. I'll be there for the great music and great people.)

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

I've decided to go to the 69 Vintage show. But not so much for the music .. more for the chance to pick up a hat with netting and little gloves.

(I, similarly to Lesley, am also kidding)