Note from the Editor: First Metropolis, now London After Midnight!?!?!

Oh man!! What a couple of weeks for film buffs!  As previously stated, The full print of Fritz Lang's classic silent film Metropolis was found in Buenos Aires, and will soon (we hope) get a full restoration.  But today I was skimming through Aint it Cool News and found this article.  It appears that a man actually found a print of Tod Browning's lost film London After Midnight.  Now for those unaware, back in 1927 Browning (director of horror classics Dracula, and Freaks) made a film about vampires, staring the man of a thousand faces Lon Chaney.  Although the film did well, the sound era had just hit and it was quickly forgotten.  The remaining print was thought to have been destroyed in 1965 when MGM's Vault #7 caught fire.  Anyways, a man has now claimed to have seen the print back in 1989, and it had been corroborated by another man, who'd seen it some years later.  He describes in detail his search for the film, and has some inciteful information about the history of the print.  Please read the full article here.

The question now, is it for real?  Did this man actually see an existing print of London After Midnight?  I certainly hope so, this is one of the holy grails of lost films (of which, by the way, there are many).  

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