This Week In Toronto (July 24-30)

Well, what'd everyone get up to this week?  I had plans, but got a little sick recording in Kingston.  Oh well, I spent the day listening to records, which is actually just what I needed.  Have you heard Neil Young's album On the Beach?  So Good.  Anywho, here's the deal, I'm posting links, so if you wanna know more about the event, artist, or just see a you tube video, just click.  Also, I tend to miss a lot cause this takes about 3 hours to put together, and I start leaving things out at about the hour mark, so add anything I missed to the comments section, K?
EDIT:  Two Gallery shows added to Thurs July 24


Wakestock featuring Metric, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hot Water Music and more at Olympic Island $24.50 to 62.50
There are other bands playing... RZA and GZA are there for example.  But the three listed are the best of the bunch.  Why?  because I said so.  It's my blog, not yours.... sorry, lets never fight again.

Creeping Nobodies at Wrongbar $8 - $10
But this is a much better band to check out.  It's a hell of a lot cheaper than wakestock, you're not paying for a ferry, you're supporting a great local act, and they kick more ass than any of the bands playing at wakestock.  But really, it's your choice.  

Family Treehouse Closing Party at EGR Gallery and Studio (2160 A Dundas West, 2nd floor) 7-11pm
Thanks to Jessica Rae Gordon for reminding me of this one.  EGR is one of Toronto's top Graffiti artists, her work is fantastic.  Anyways, Check her website, linked above, to see some examples.  

No Parachute Required at Gallery 1313 (1313 Queen St W) 8pm - 1am (runs until Aug 3rd)
Another art show, brought to my attention by JRG.  Featuring six fantastic artists, Alexei Vella, Micheal Byers, Greg Hill, Kyung Soon Park, Christina Ung, and Rey Ortega.   


Hippiefest featuring The Turtles, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Jack Bruce and Badfinger at Molson Amphitheatre $10.70 - $69.50
What the shit?!  Well, this could be really cool.  The Turtles!?!  Eric Burdon?!  And the prices are reasonable.  The Amphitheatre has pretty awful sound, and usually costs too much for shows, but this one might be worth it.  

Mr Something Something at Lula Lounge
Afro-beat is a pretty cool form of music. Easy to dance to, and seriously funky.  Mr Something Something do it very well.  Should be a good party.


Rolling Stones live concerts (65, 69 and a film called Ladies and Gentlemen: the Stones) Playing at Bloor Cinema 7, 9 and 11pm
If you're a big Stones fan, than the Bloor cinema is the place for you.... but only on Saturday.  3 concert films from the 60's, so at least you're getting their good work, not the we're-only-in-it-for-the-money vibe you get these days.

Dead Alive playing at Fox theatre 11:45pm
You know that Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson?  Well, he's actually a crazy person.  I say that because only a crazy person could have made a film like Dead Alive. 


Brandi Disterheft at the Kew Gardens Bandshell (Queen and Lee) 11:30-6pm FREE!!
I think I might have shouted out Brandi last week.  Either way, she's phenomenal, she's a very gifted musician and composer.  Playing as part of the TD Jazz Fest.  There are some other acts on the bill, so I'm not sure when she's on, but I'm sure it'll be a good time all day.

Pat LaBarbera Trio at Chalkers Pub 
THE best jazz musician in Toronto.  Notice the period?  That means "end of discussion". 


Arnolds we Like series: Predator and Terminator 2 playing at Fox Cinema 7 and 9:15pm
Cool, and Cool.  Predator is probably my favorite Shwarznegger film, and Terminator 2 is probably a close 2nd.  Bad ass. 


The Strip at Labyrinth Lounge 
Again, one of the bands I shout out a lot.  If you've seen them you already know, but if you haven't, you're missing out on a good time.   


Vertigo, Jules and Jim, Taxi Driver playing at Bloor Cinema 4:15, 7 and 9:10pm
Pretty cool day of films!  Vertigo and Jules and Jim are new prints, so you're getting top quality.  Vertigo is probably my favorite Hitchcock film, and Taxi Driver gets better with every viewing.  But Jules and Jim is something worth checking out, Godard is one of greatest directors of all time... or so people say... I'm personally not a huge fan.  But this film is one of my favorites (Band of Outsiders is my other favorite Godard film... rent it, especially if you love Tarantino films, big influence).  


jessica said...

There are two interesting art shows going on tonight:

"No Parachute Required"
Opening night, Thursday July 24th 8pm-1am (but it runs till Aug.3rd)
at Gallery 1313 (1313 Queen Street West)
- fresh new artwork from six fantastic artists! (Alexei Vella, Michael Byers, Greg Hill, Kyung Soon Park, Christina Ung, Rey Ortega)

"Family Treehouse Closing Party"
Thursday July 24th 7pm-11pm
at EGR Gallery & Studio (2160 A Dundas West, 2nd floor)
- solo exhibit by Erica Gosich Rose

Shawn William Clarke said...

Right! the EGR thing... I forgot. I'll put it up post haste.