This Week In Toronto (July 31- Aug 6)

Ok. This is gonna be rushed. So lets get right to it.
Ohhh first, have you ever heard of Penguin Cafe Orchestra? I'm absolutely in love with this album. I picked it up at Soundscapes, on a whim, and I love it. Must be heard.
Anyways, back to it, click links for stuff, leave stuff in comments section.
EDIT:  Jessica Rae Gordon has added something to Saturday!


Jules and Jim, Vertigo and the Shining playing at Bloor cinema 4:30, 7:30 and 9pm
Godard, Hitchcock and Kubrick in one night. Watch them, then impress your friends with your cinematic knowledge... it's what I do, but my friends are easily impressed.


Ben Bowen: The Book of Gnomes at Gate 403 9pm
I'm not sure if they changed their names, but The Book of Gnomes, are listed, in the Eye magazine at least, as Ben Bowen: The Book of Gnomes. Ben is a really good trumpet player and composer, so I guess it's cool that he has his name preceding the book of Gnomes. But Nick Zubeck is also in the band, and he's the cat's pajama's. What's next?


Herbivores for Herbivores
From JRG: a bake sale to benefit Rabbit Rescue! (All Vegan) 12-4pm at Heart on Your Sleeve, 61A Bellevue Ave (Kensington Market)

Back to the Future Party at The Boat 10pm $5
What's a Back to the Future Party? I don't know. 50's vs 80's... whatever that means. Could be cool, who doesn't like Back to the Future? But will there be bands? don't know... moving on...


Go for a walk
Seriously. It won't be summer for much longer. High Park is nice. May I suggest a stroll by the beach? Ice cream? Pack a lunch? Canoe?


Bluegrass Mondays at the Local
The Local is just one of those all time great neighbourhood bars. And a great place to go on a monday night. The band is always great, always a good time. Go see for yourself, it's free, and they have some good beers on tap.


Nine Inch Nails at Air Canada Centre $59.50 - 69.50
Do you ever think about how old Trent Reznor is? I hadn't thought about it much either, until one day a while ago I was chatting with a young lady, and she said she was born in 1986 and she loves Nine Inch Nails, and I thought, wow, that's pretty young, when you (her) was 8, Nine Inch Nails had just released Downward Spiral... than I said, wait! Pretty Hate Machine came out when you were 3!

The end. Back Tomorrow with an album review!! Oh look a bunny...


Toronto realtor said...

Hi there,

I've found your blog just now and I'm telling, what a shame! I really like the way you do your guide through the Toronto's city culture.
I have something similar about films on my Toronto movies page, check it out for some inspiration!
Good luck and enjoy!

BT said...


so The Book of Gnomes somehow keeps getting billed as Ben Bowen's Book of Gnomes, which is infuriating. It's *our* band, not mine, and it is indeed Nick and Darren and Marshall and I! Thanks for blogging - maybe see you there?


jessica said...

Well this isn't strictly something you would include in a BTTTF event. But since you brought up bunnies, and the event is to benefit Rabbit Rescue .. I thought I'd mention it.

"Herbivores for Herbivores"
a bake sale to benefit Rabbit Rescue! (all vegan)
Sat. Aug.2nd 12pm-4pm
at Heart on Your Sleeve, 61A Bellevue Ave (Kensington Market)

Lesley Denford said...

Shawn - I love that this whole post is written like you have A.D.D. And the bunny? Makes me giggle. :)

Jessica - a vegan bake sale? YUM!

Anonymous said...

Shawn, If you loved the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, you should know that all their prime albums were just re-released this week, including the one you got. They are all great. I run them all down in the Echoes Blog, plus I've got some bio info and interview materiel with the founder, Simon Jeffes, who died in 1997. http://tinyurl.com/5bqqh5

Shawn William Clarke said...

wow, so many comments! um... who first?.... I'll check out your site, Julie, I do love some good film reviews..
Ben, thanks for clarifying that, I won't be able to make the show tomorrow, but good luck.
Jessica, I'll add that, thanks.
Leslie, I think I do have A.D.D. Thanks for.. hey look a bunny!
And, guy from Echoesblog, I will definitely check your site out. I'm really digging this album and would love to hear more. Thanks!

You guys are great!


jonas said...

hey shawn.
the penguin cafe records rule... that one you got is my favorite... was just listening to it two days ago!