Note from the Editor: Blogging Set-backs

Hey y'all, sorry I haven't been very prompt as of late. Here's the excuse, I work for a little (yet expanding) furniture company, it's how I supplement my income (blogging and gigging doesn't pay the bills, yo). Anyways, due to reactionary policies that I won't get into (cause it'll bore the both of us), my job got ridiculously busy over the last two weeks. Anyways, that means I didn't get a "Polling the Artist" question out for Aug 1st (it takes a couple of weeks to get answers out of everybody, but I'll try to get it up for next week [?]), I didn't get Nic Lefevbre's interview up (it'll be up tomorrow, I promise), and have yet to write my first article for Culturazzi (I at least have a theme, and the subject for my first article, so it shouldn't be long). In a couple of weeks, my job will change again, and I think life will become simpler. Here's hoping.

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