Polling the Artists: Q4 (Part 2)

Ok Part 2 of Q4 (question being:  What tool(s) would you say is essential to your craft?)

Rick Ivey: Furniture Designer

I would have to say my most essential tools are people who tell me my ideas can't be done.  I thrive on that.  If I have an idea, and people tell me it's not possible, it drives me almost to the point of obsession to prove them wrong.  This has led to me pushing my designs out of the 'safe/obvious' realm into something a little less ordinary, and I think if people didn't tell me things couldn't be done, it wouldn't motivate me to try new things.

I need something to paint on, something to paint with and some paints :) The colors that are currently on my palette are:
Titanium White English Red (aka Venetian Red)
Naples Yellow Persian Red (aka Indian Red)
Lemon Yellow Burnt Sienna
Cadmium Yellow Burnt Umber
Cadmium Orange Sap Green
Cadmium Red Light Cerulean Blue or Cobalt Blue
Alizarin permanent Ultramarine Blue
Mars Yellow (aka Yellow Ochre Pale) Lamp Black

Shawn Clarke: Musician, Editor

When I write this blog, I pretty much do it exclusively on my Black MacBook.  I also do all my Dexter Parks stuff on it.  It's a pretty good tool for recording ideas, writing lyrics etc.  But before I bought this, I was still writing and recording, so maybe it's not essential... um.... water.  My answer is water.

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