Polling the Artists: Q4 (Part 1)

Hey there pretties. Here we have (a week late... again) the next edition of Polling the Artists! And the question for this month is:

Who is your Daddy, and what does he do?

no, just kidding. The real Question is:

What tool(s) would you say is essential to your craft

As a side note, if you can't get enough of my witty dry/cool wit, I'll be guest writing all week for the lovely Lesley Denford at her blog Lesleydenford.com

Kaya Fraser: Musician

Well, I guess it's a bit obvious, but my good ol' Yamaha acoustic guitar, procured second-hand by my parents as a 15th birthday gift for me. I've written almost all my songs on it and will probably continue to do so. Oh, and a capo.
For a twenty-first century touch, I might add my I-pod, since I get my inspiration in part form what I'm listening to obsessively at a given moment. It's not quite essential, but it's a nice luxury.

Darryl Graham: Illustrator

I only need 3 things.
A sock
Some hand lotion
Free Time

my other craft, I'd say that I'm lost without my good friends at Adobe. I'm not sure, but I think I might be digitally dependent. I'm definitely more confident knowing I have an Undo button.

-inspiration (life, art/literature, friends, lovers, cat, emotional states)
-good memory (we singer-sonwriters are the present day bards, you know! "HWAET! thaet waes god cyning..." etc.)
-and of course my endearingly abused (cracked, chipped, taped-up-WIllie-Nelson-style) evenly-resonant (though nicely rich w/ deep tones), 24 year old classical acoustic guitar, complete with near dead strings (which still resonate nicely b/c the guitar is AMAZING!). I learned how to play on this beast, which I "appropriated" from my father at the age of 16. I have written most of my songs on it. It's my little wooden soul-mate.

If I had to select just one tool that I find essential for my collages, It's scotch Permanent Double Sided Tape. Better than any other glue, tape, or adhesive I've tried for paper crafts. I can't tell you how simple and magical this stuff it!
Some other very importat tools are my rubber alphabet stamps, my Windsor & Newton travel watercolor kit, pretty papers from magazines (Lula and Domino are my favourite!) Micron fine-tip pens and blank white address labels. I'm just a sucker for neat art supplies that I can layer and use in new ways.

That's it for part one, check out part two tomorrow!

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