*EDIT* This Week In Toronto (Aug 8 to 13)

This is Friday to Wednesday.  If you're looking for Thursday, read the post below.  I'll be writing this post while listening to the early mixes of the soon-to-be-released Olenka and the Autumn Lovers album... It's gonna be huge, remember that i said it first.  If I missed anything add it in the comments section (especially for wed).  Click the links for more info/ excitement.
EDIT:  Thanks to Jonas for finding something for me to do on Wednesday!  Check it out down below.


Hunt Chant at the Press Club
So I just put up my interview with Nic Lefebvre of Hunt Chant on Tuesday (which you can read, further down the page).  He'll be playing (with Michael O'Brien of Sick Friend) Friday night at the Press Club.  They really are great.  A unique performance, I insist that all of you attend.  

Evel Knievel playing at Trash Palace 9:30pm
It's no secret that Trash Palace is one of my favorite places in Toronto.  But I don't usually advertise it on this site, cause, well... I wanna keep it for myself.  I know that's incredibly selfish of me, but I'm working on being a better person.  Anyways, this week the movie is 1972's Evel Knievel.  I don't know what it's gonna be like.  All I know is that George Hamilton is Knievel.  And that Trash Palace has NEVER disappointed.


Wolf Parade at the Kool Haus (132 Queens Quay E) $22.50 
Check out my favourite Wolf related band at the Kool Haus... Points for anyone who can list 3 other "Wolf" bands.... Half points for anyone who can name 4 "mouse" bands (or monikers).


The Bicycles part of Summerworks Music Series, Theatre Centre (1087 Queen W.) 10:30pm $1o-12
The Bicycles are super fun.  The have a great album out right now (the Good the Bad and the Cuddly) and a board game.  Do you have a board game?  Probably not.  Neither does your band.  Anyways, I've seen them a couple times and they always put on a fun, energetic show.  

The Good The Bad and The Ugly playing at Bloor Cinema 9:15
The third part of the Dollars Trilogy is considered one of the best westerns of all time, and for good reason.  Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach are three outlaws racing against each other to find a buried fortune in a vast cemetery.  The final showdown is worth the price of admission alone, the tension built to a fevered pitch, all by brilliant editing, and stunning musical cues.  


Angela Bower at Tranzac 7pm
Angela Bower (as well as being the shoulder pad-wearin' mom in Who's the Boss) is a band consisting of Dafydd Hughes on Keys, and Amy Milan guitarist Christine Bougie...  Although, when I mention the Amy Milan reference, it doesn't do her any justice, and if you've heard her solo album Hammy's Secret Life.  Check out her video for Think From the End.

For a Few Dollars More playing at Bloor Cinema 4:15pm
Incase you missed it on thursday, the Bloor Cinema will be playing a repeat of the second part of the Dollars Trilogy.  If you're seeing it again (or for the first time), check out how Lee Van Cleef steals the show.  He is a serious bad ass.  


The Worst Pop Band Ever playing at the Rex 6:30
I don't know too much about these guys.  I was initially intrigued by their name.  So I checked out their CBC radio 3 site, and I'm digging it.  Although I do get a little concerned when jazz guys try to update their sound with DJ's and samples, WPBE seem to pull it off.
The Strip at Labyrinth Lounge 10pm
They play the Lab every Tuesday, so this is the last time I tell's ya.  Now you know.  Tell em' that Fivish sent ya.  


You Decide.
It's viewers choice day! (this doesn't mean that I couldn't find anything worth doing on wednesday...really....)

Evening Hymns at Smiling Buddha Bar
Ok, So I just got a message saying that Evening Hymns is playing at Smiling Buddha this wednesday.  That's great news.  I had the pleasure of seeing Evening Hymns a few weeks ago, and I was seriously blown away.  One guy with looped guitars, and great visuals.  Come have a beer with me!


jonas said...

August 13th:
Smiling Buddha Bar

Evening Hymns
Culture Reject

Now you got something to do on Wednesday!!!
hope you're well Shawn!

Shawn William Clarke said...

Awesome thanks Jonas! I love Evening Hymns. Saw them once a few weeks back (months?) I was blown away. That will definitely get added.

Shawn William Clarke said...

after some investigations, I'd say that you're the guy from Evening Hymns. Good work sir.