Polling the Artists: Q5

Ok, I don't really have anything witty to say today.... but, you should all know that happiest song in the world is Mr Blue Sky but ELO.
The question for September is: Where do you hope your art will take you?

Lesley Denford: Artist, Designer
To YOUR MOM. Snap!

Okay, real answer...
I've really found a love for collage art over the past few years, but with no formal education in illustration (I took interior design) I find it challenging to transition into art as a career. My goal right now is to keep making pretty collages and promote them on my website, and do what I can to network with like-minded creative people for new opportunities. I hope that one day art will be not just a hobby, but how I make my living. And I hope that I will still love it as much as I love it now.

Darryl Graham: Illustrator

To Never Never land, and I'm being 100% serious. IF that place exists, that's where I want to be.

Rick Ivey: Furniture Designer
There are so many different avenues that I want to pursue with my work, but at this point I feel very drawn to Industrial Design. As much as I love to design furniture, I really like the idea of designing something a little more common and anonymous. Like a can opener, for example. It's such a simple, yet brilliant design. Everyone owns one, but nobody ever questions who designed it. For some reason, I've always loved that idea of designing something that millions of people use, but that doesn't have any design 'celebrity' attached to it. It's also inspiring to see people take an everyday object, like a can opener, and put a completely new spin on it. I would like to explore the almost infinite possibilities for redesigning and improving objects we already use.

Matt Lennox: Author, film maker

Chautaqua. Out into the desert. And back.

Alexis Marsh: Composer, musician
At this point, I hope for the inverse: to take my art everywhere with me. Keep practicing ii-v's, studying scores, listening, writing, performing. My patience is short when it comes to where my art is taking me. If I start asking, I get a bit consumed with why it hasn't taken me there already. And it's better to focus on what I can do everyday, how i can improve something or experiment and enjoy the process.

But okay, a tour of europe would be nice.

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