Polling the Artists Q5 Part 2

Ok, so I have a couple late entries, that question again;

Where do you hope your art will take you?

Jessica Gordon: Illustrator
I hope to get recognition.  I'd like to one day have strangers, or artists I respect, meet me and know my art.  That would be a great feeling.  I wonder if that is basically 'fame'?

Kaya Fraser: Musician
I second Jessica's emotion.  I'd love to be known and respected especially by other musicians whom I know and respect.  That sounds awfully cliquey and self congratulatory, I know, but it's true.  
I'd also like my music to take me around the world.  Traveling is one of the greatest part of the job, I feel.  In the medium term future, I'd love to go back to New York and play again, I fell in love with it last time (despite the raging sinus infection I contracted while there).  I also have a romantic notion that i want to play Club Largo in LA, the stomping grounds of some of my favorite singer songwriters. 

Shawn Clarke: Musician, Editor
I think the traveling thing is a good goal.  I remember when I was still living in Orillia, there was this singer there, who my mother knew.  In Orillia he'd play the opera house sometimes, draw a small crowd, but I found out later that he'd go to Germany and he was huge there, playing arenas!  I couldn't believe it.  So I always thought, if I can't make it here, I could be huge in, say, Switzerland.  That'd be kinda cool.  The unfortunate thing with tours is that you're playing pretty much every night, so you don't really get to see the places you're in.  I guess my ultimate goal would be to have that freedom to play in places, and actually stay there a few days, and really enjoy it.  That, and I'd like to bang a model.

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