This Week In Toronto: Sept 11- 17

Hello there people. What's a shakin'? a ha... that's interesting... hmm, yes I see... well I'll tell ya what I'm up too, I spent the day interviewing Stacey Case, owner and proprietor of Trash Palace. Really great stuff, I'll try to get that up with in the next two weeks, I'm really excited about it. I've also purchased 7 records in 2 days. Now that my needle is fixed, I'm going record crazy. I've been picking up some funk records, James Brown, the Dolemite soundtrack (awesome), some Gil Scott Heren, Issac Hayes, and a great band from the 80's, Defunkt. Good stuff. So what's up this week?


Go Explore your neighbourhood
Last Monday I decided to make a date with my neighbourhood, Roncesvalles. I got to see a fun jazz trio at Gate 403, and later in the night, bluegrass at the Local. So, it's project time, tonight, if you can go to a local joint and see who's playing. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.


Lumston at Arrayspace Studio (61 Atlantic)
This sounds pretty cool. What we've got here is two very talented double bass players (Michael Owen Liston and Aaron Lumley) playing a largely improvised set. Liston is one of my favorite bass players in the city, and if I didn't have trash palace plans, this is what I'd be doing.


Poster Show 3 plus Aidswolf CD release party at Whippersnapper Gallery (587A College St)
A Poster show sounds really cool, plus there's live music. I must admit I know very little about Aidswolf... but if history has taught us anything it's that a band with Wolf in their name has got to rock. Contest time!! The first person who, in the comments section, tells me 4 other Wolf bands, gets a beer, on me.


Jules and Jim playing at Bloor Cinema 9:30
Francois Truffault is one of my favorite directors of the french new wave. His films 400 Blows, Day For Night and Jules and Jim are must sees for all serious film fans. This film tells the story of two friends Jules and Jim, and their relationship with a women named Catherine. The film follows the love triangle for decades, and gives an intimate glimpse into their ever evolving friendship. Also playing Tuesday at 4:30... and on a side note, if you've seen Jules and Jim, but are still in a Truffault mood, head over to the fox theatre where they're screening 400 Blows at 9:15


The Big Lebowski playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30 The Big Lebowski is a great film. One of the funniest films of our generation. It's also a very clever remake of The Big Sleep. It's also playing on Wednesday at 9:15


Millers Crossing playing at Bloor Cinema 7:00
The Coen Brothers are brilliant. This is their foray into the Gangster flick. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest heading over to the Bloor today. Plus, if you'd like a Coen double feature, The big Lebowski is playing right after it.

See ya next week with my journey through Roncesvalles!!


Lesley Denford said...

Ooh, a contest!

Wolf Parade
Wolf Eyes
Tiger Bear Wolf

Yes, I Googled this. Other than Wolfmother I had no idea. Does it still count?

Shawn William Clarke said...

I've never heard of Tiger Bear Wolf....
I was kinda hoping someone new would answer, but I guess I now owe Lesley a beer.

If anyone else wants to send another wolf band name I'll take them out for a beer as well.