This Day in Toronto

Ohhhhhh k. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning, so I can't give you the whole week. Instead, here's what you should be doing tonight! I'll get the rest up for tomorrow. Thanks for being so understanding, I think this relationship we have will continue for a long time. Oh yeah, if your free today run out and get TV on the Radio's new disc, Dear Science. F'n good stuff.


My Bloody Valentine at Kool Haus $47.50 7pm
This will probably be great. Shoe-gazer god fathers My Bloody Valentine are back together and, apparently, still putting on a great show. If I wasn't seeing Holy Fuck at the Phoenix this is what I'd be doing. Oh, wait, maybe you should see Holy Fuck at the Phoenix tonight. It's cheaper, and the seriously rock the house. Tough choices we face in this life.

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