This Week in Toronto (Sept 4 - 10)

Hey guys, so, I'm trying to get you a complete this week in Toronto, this week. I spent a great deal of the last two nights watching Martin Scorcese's fantastic documentary on Bob Dylan "No Direction Home". I began watching it last night in London with Olenka and Sam Allen (both members of the London collective The Viking Swimmers of 1926, a group of musicians and music lovers who promote and support a blooming music scene that wouldn't get the attention it deserves without them... but I digress) I had to head back to Toronto, so I missed the last half of it. Last night my friend Alexis came over and we decided to rent it, and watched the whole thing.... anyways... it's fantastic. I just wanted to write songs after watching it. I wanted to immerse myself in music. It's a great feeling. Anywho, click on the links for stuff, post your comments in the usefully marked comments section.


JCVD playing at Ryerson Theatre 11:59

It's crazy, but this film may reserect Jean Claude Van Damme's carreer. He plays himself, and the trailer looks surprisingly good. It's screening as the Opening night to Midnight Madness, in association with Toronto International Film Festival (or as idiots insist "TIFF").


Journey at Molson Amphitheatre $29.50 to 89.50
Dum dum dum, Just a small time girl... livin' in the Lonnnely worrrrld.... she took the midnight train goin aaaaanyyyyywhere.... Well, am I being ironic? do I mean it? I don't even know anymore, but for 30 bucks you're getting Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick. So.... that's something.

Tortoise at the Mod Club 9pm $18
I am serious about this. I know that for sure. Tortoise is one of my favorite bands, and if they knew better they'd have book on another night than Friday (or as I like to call it, Trash Palace night). For those looking for a good instrumental band (you know, one who doesn't suck) this is for you.


Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding at Cadillac Lounge $30

Robert Gordon is a rockabilly hero. Along with Link Wray, he rebooted the Rockabilly craze in the 70's paving the way for bands like (personal favorite) the Stray Cats. Chris Spedding began his career as a session guitarist, and has played with the likes of Elton John, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Jack Bruce, John Cale, and the list goes on and on. Together they are the Rockabilly event of the year. Should be great.


Casablanca playing at Bloor Cinema 4:30pm

Considered one of the greatest films of all time, and definitely something worth seeing on the big screen. Sure it doesn't make all that much sense when you think about it (what the fuck are letters of transit? do they even matter?), this is a must see film, if only for Peter Lorre's brief scenes.... bogart's pretty good too.... and Bergman is gorgeous... and Sydney Greenstreet is fat. Playing again on Monday night.


Read a book, anywhere, anytime

Sure, maybe I don't have a real entry for this day, but maybe I worry about your mental health, ever think of that? I'm currently reading Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima. I was originally turned on to his work through the really great Paul Shrader film "Mishima: a Life in 4 Chapters".... maybe rent that tonight...

TUES SEPT 9 Maltese Falcon playing at Bloor Cinema 7pm
Can't get enough of Bogart, Lorre and Greenstreet? Than head back to the Bloor on Tuesday to see what some consider the greatest film noir of all time. Playing again on Wednesday, 4:30.

WED SEPT 10 Annie Hall playing at Bloor Cinema 9:30

This print gets a pretty good rotation in Toronto, I try not to shout it out everytime, but it's just such a great movie. If you hate Woody Allen, and haven't seen this film, than please check it out. You might change your tune... and maybe you're an Oscar completest, and was wondering what won best picture the year Star Wars was released.... this is it! (and it's a better film... yeah I said it).


jessica said...

Here's somethings I'm excited about:

Speakeasy Illustration Show
"a night out for creative types" featureing 29 different illustrators.
Thursday, sept. 4, 8pm-12am
Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen West)

The Art of Rick Sealock "7 Deadly Sin's"
"one night of lust and envy"
Saturday, sept. 6, 6pm-12am
2880 Dundas West

Toronto Roller Derby semi finals
"finalists are The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, The Death Track Dolls, Chick Ahoy! and the Smoke City Betties"
Saturday, sept. 6, 6pm-11pm
George Bell Arena (215 Ryding Ave.)
tickets $10 advance or $15 at the door

Alexis Marsh said...

whoa whoa whoa, Nancy Wilson is in town? And you sat beside me for 3 f*$*ing hours without gushing about it and making me buy a ticket?

Shawn William Clarke said...

Who the hell is Nancy Wilson?