Note from the Editor: Hockey Night in Canada (theme song)

As you've probably heard, the classic theme for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada was up for renewal at the end of the 2007/2008 season, and was not picked up. Depending on who you ask, either the copyright holders were asking too much money (some numbers have it at about 3 million) or CBC wasn't giving enough time for negotiation. Either way, millions across Canada will not be hearing the famous song at the start of the new season... Unless they're watching CTV, who eventually made the copyright holders an offer.

The original theme, cleverly titled The Hockey Theme, was considered by most to be the second Canadian anthem. Something you'd hear EVERY Saturday night, without fail for 30 years. Personally, I've grown out of my connection with Hockey Night in Canada. I haven't watched a game in years, and while the theme has a history with me, I don't feel the same passionate connection that some people do (CBC's website had a poll with the question "Can Canda go on as we know it without The Hockey Theme?" 84% responded "no").

Anyways, what I'm writing about today isn't the demise of the Canadian Saturday Night, I'm more interested in CBC's solution. They put a contest up for anyone to write a new song, and post it on their webstite. The winner will receive $100,000 and half the royalties (with the other half being donated to Minor League Hockey). I didn't get a theme in.... mostly because I'm lazy, and didn't even look into it until it was too late. But my good friend Alexis Marsh did, and you can hear her entry embedded below.

If you get a chance check out some of the entries here at the Anthem Gallery.
The Entry deadline has passed, but rest of the contest runs as follows.

OCT 4: Semifinalist show/ voting for the finalists
OCT 9: Finalist reveled during opening of regular season/ voting for the winner
OCT 11: Winner revealed during CBC's Hockey Night in Canada opening broadcast

Best of luck to Alexis, and anyone else who's entered (except Randy Bachman, I hope you lose... no offence).


jessica said...

CBC totaly droped the ball. I'm sure they deeply regret loosing that theme song. I never watch hockey, nor do I own a TV, but I am shaken to the core just knowing that Hockey Night in Canada has different music.

ps. good luck Alexis! But did you consider doing your theme like this:

da da da da daaaaaaa
da da da da DA DA DA DA
da da da da daaaaaaaa

Lesley Denford said...

I second Jessica's statement - CBC totally screwed up. But good luck to Alexis!