This Week in Toronto (Aug 31 - Sept 3)

Oh man, I suck this week. I managed to get Thursday and Friday up as separate entries, but couldn't for the life of me get to Saturday. Part of the reason is that I spent a couple of hours with my new Planet Earth DVD, have you seen this yet? It is soooo good. Beautifully shot, and incredibly interesting, the whole experience is awe inspiring. But here it is, Sunday to Wednesday!! Click links, leave comments, save lives.

MSTRKRFT at Guvernment
Former Death From Above bassist, Jesse F. Keeler brings his highly danceable MSTKRFT project to the Guv. If yet to catch them live, but if it's anything like the Looks, then it's gold. Gold I tell's ya! It's an all day thing, so you've probably missed a few artists, but MSTRKRFT will probably be on late.

MON AUG 1 Jason and the Argonauts playing at Cineforum all week!! (463 Bathurst) 9pm
I love this movie! I remember being really young, watching this on TV and being enthralled by the great stop motion monsters!! Ray Harryhousen is the brilliant force behind the monsters, and monsters from countless other great genre pictures from the 50's to the present. If you can't see it tonight, you can see it up until Wed. Skeleton fight!!


The Strip at Labyrinth (298 Brunswick)
I know I had mentioned before that I wasn't going to mention their weekly show at the Lab again, but really, it's the best game in town this week. These guys are great performers, and the Lab is a great place for a drink.

Ummmm.... hmm..... Did I mention Jason and the Argonauts was playing?
Cause it's true... and I can't find anything else. Hmm....


Lesley Denford said...

This week is lame (no fault of yours, of course). Let's ignore the goings on in Toronto and just watch more planet earth, shall we? DVD party at my house!

Shawn William Clarke said...

you're on! Who else is in?