Notes from the Editor: A word from Montreal

Hello folks, how are things? I've spent the last two days in Montreal cause my current roommate (Illustrator Cody Walker) has been offered a job here, and he needed to find a place. So, I went along for the ride.
One of the greatest things about Montreal is that it has a music scene that can rival any in the world. Tonight, (on a tip from BirdsacrosswateR frontman Nic Lefebvre) I went out to a bar called Lambi to see The Octopus Project.

What a great set! This 4 piece band from Austin Texas can really put on a show, and why am I telling you this? Cause they're playing tonight (Tues Oct 28th) at Lee's Palace, in Toronto! You gotta check them out! It's like seeing a more danceable Sonic Youth (Or a less vocal Ladytron?), two guitars, keys, drums (beats) and a theramin! Really great. I won't be back in Toronto to see it (I'll be arriving just after midnight), so you have to be my eyes and ears!! Check it out, and tell me what you think.

Also playing with Octopus Project is a band called Jeans Team. Do you like Kraftwerk? German Techno? Well this is the place for you!
But really, please, check out The Octopus Project, Lee's Palace, tonight (Tues Oct 28th)...

...As well as being very talented, she's pretty adorable, did I mention she plays the Theremin?. Catch ya later, off to bed now.


Lesley Denford said...

I like her hair. And her dress.

And the music's probably pretty good too, huh?

Lesley Denford said...

And now I'm adding one other comment...I tagged you on my blog to answer some questions. I want to know more about you, darnit! Check my blog for more. :)